Boston Bombing: Terrorism Serves the State

The sense of relief that Bostonians felt once it was clear that the alleged perpetrators had been rendered incapable of causing further damage to their city is understandable; it is a genuine tragedy when working people come to identify with the state, rather than their own struggles, as their best protection against the growing decomposition of society. And the media barrage around the bombing will serve above all to sweep under the carpet the reality that this tragic event expresses: it is a sick society that produces young people who can see no future other than self-immolation and the anonymous murder of their fellow human beings.

The drama in Toulouse and Montauban: Symptoms of capitalism’s barbaric demise

The murders committed on the 11, 15 and 19 March in Toulouse and Montauban, as well as their fall-out, are a striking illustration of the barbarity engulfing the present system. According to President Sarkozy, Mohamed Merah, the young Toulousain who carried out these crimes and was executed by the French police, was a “monster”. This raises some questions: What is a ‘monster’? How could society create such a ‘monster’?


Norway attacks show extent of social decomposition

The most natural immediate response to Anders Behring Breivik's killings is one of horror. The bombing and shootings that killed 77 people (including 55 teenagers) have provoked expressions of revulsion from the mainstream media and politicians across the world. But while the different parts of the ruling class unite in their condemnation of this particular example of terrorism, they offer many different explanations for what happened.

Mumbai massacre: Growing tensions between India and Pakistan fuel terrorist atrocities

The horrific attacks on people in Mumbai, at a hospital, in a café and hotels, at a Jewish centre, and at random bystanders in a railway station, was soon headlined "India's 9/11" across the world.This comparison had a definite significance: it contains the implicit threat that India's status as ‘victim' would be used to justify putting pressure on, or even renewing conflict with, Pakistan.

Military chaos spreads to Pakistan

Given that the Islamabad government has no control over huge border areas, and the increasing dangerousness of everyday life, we can see the real descent into barbarism. That it has been degenerating into daily violence - bomb attacks, shootings and their subsequent reprisals - should come as no surprise. The ‘war on terror' has, in reality, meant ‘more war and more terror'.

The murder of Jean Charles de Menezes shows police are licensed to kill

So, the Metropolitan Police have been convicted of breaching health and safety laws! And once again the British bourgeoisie are making use of Jean Charles de Menezes, the electrician from Brazil who was shot on 22nd July 2005. The shooting of one poor man on his way to work has served the state well...

Terrorism strengthens the capitalist state

Two Mercedes packed with petrol, gas cylinders and nails parked in London’s West End and ready to be detonated. A jeep with gas cylinders crashes into a terminal at Glasgow airport. The targets? Clubbers with no ambitions beyond having a good night out, and holiday makers looking forward to flying away for a glimpse of the sun. Whoever planned the attacks is fully in tune with the ways of modern warfare...

Terrorist violence in 'Peace Express'

Terrorists attacked the sleeping passengers in the Smajhauta express or the ‘peace express’ in the late night hours of 18th February07. Several coaches of the express train were set on fire 100 kilometers away from the Indian capital by the incendiary devices planted by terrorists. 67 persons including many children were killed on the spot. 15 persons were injured, 12 of them very seriously. Most of the killed are reported to be Pakistani nationals.

Every sane person can not but condemn this abominable, barbarous act.

9-11 Anniversary: Bush Tries to Revive War Fever

In sharp contrast to the warlike rhetoric of the last few weeks, on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of 9/11, American capitalism is mired in crisis on both the imperialist and domestic political terrain. Its long sought dream of mobilizing the working class for war is once again just a dream, and it faces a working class that is undefeated and more inclined to return to class struggle and resist austerity. Not much for the bourgeoisie to celebrate. The only alternative to the future of death and destruction that capitalism holds in store for us is the class struggle and working class revolution.

Malegaon Bombings: Capitalist states, leaders and terrorists are all killers

About two months after the serial blasts in the evening peak hour trains in Mumbai terrorists have struck again in Malegaon, a textile town about 250 Km away from Mumbai on 8th September. Again the sole target of the terrorist bombs has been the working class people.
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