Malegaon Bombings: Capitalist states, leaders and terrorists are all killers

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About two months after the serial blasts in the evening peak hour trains in Mumbai terrorists have struck again in Malegaon, a textile town about 250 Km away from Mumbai on 8th September. Again the sole target of the terrorist bombs has been the working class people. Bombs exploded twice in places of gathering of large masses of people on a religious occasion. People were in a festive mood of celebration and lots of children were absorbed in merry making. But the terrorist bombs, no matter whether state sponsored or non state sponsored, cared a straw for all that and all on a sudden threw more than forty of this mass of people involved in worshipping, paying tributes to the dead and celebrating into the dreadful jaws of death and left more than hundred injured most very seriously. Most of the dead were children. There can be no limit to the indignation provoked by such acts of extreme barbarism in any sensible person.

Killers pretending to be sympathizers

Some sort of a cynical competition is now going on among the political leaders of the left and right of the political apparatus of the Indian bourgeoisie. Each one of them is  denouncing terrorism in words and trying to win the race of show of sympathy and concern for the dead and the injured of the ‘minority community’. All of them are trying to score a point over the other in the electoral political game and singing the hymns of ‘communal harmony’. The left is trying to overtake the right. But all of them can not but be totally silent about the root cause of ceaselessly increasing terrorist attacks on the masses of working class and exploited people. They are all trying to whip up the sentiment of nationalism and national unity and thus blocking the process of coming to working class consciousness. They are all bent on keeping the working class confined to the bourgeois terrain of communal harmony or hatred and derailing them from the class terrain of class consciousness and unity. Leaders of the ‘international community’ are also very lavish in their show of sympathy and condemnation of terrorism. These leaders also can not but be silent about the root cause of increasing recurrence of terrorism against the common masses of innocent people. They are just seeking new excuses for carrying on their imperialist war on terror.

A set framework and formula 

Lying is the inseparable part of the character of the bourgeoisie. Resorting to lies and falsehood has increased manifold in this historical phase of the life of the world capitalist system. All capitalist states and political parties are engaged in lying competition to make the lies and falsehood acceptable to the working class people as truth. The Indian government has rushed to the conclusion about the involvement of ISI (inter services intelligence) and Pakistan-supported and manipulated terrorist outfits in spite of the investigation being at the very preliminary stage. In the same way the Pakistani government has blamed the Indian government and it’s RAW (Research and Analysis Wing) for the flare up of the armed struggle and terrorist activities in various parts of Pakistan. Thus it is very difficult to precisely ascertain who the perpetrators are. But in reality both are very likely to be involved in the terrorist activities in each other’s territory. All the capitalist states and leaders try their best to focus our attention on WHO to rally us behind their imperialist interest. We should be aware of this ulterior motive and focus our attention not on WHO but on WHY.

Why both the increase in terrorism and the war on terrorism

All social, political conflicts have not only intensified but are being further intensified  each passing day in this historical phase. The world capitalist system has long outlived its phase of unhampered expansion which helped to keep the inherent conflicts of the system within certain limits. But now in the condition of decadence and the relative saturation of the world market the inevitable conflict between the capitalist states has become very acute. This is being manifested both through terrorism and war on terror. This has already been manifested most barbarously in the unprecedented death and devastation of the two world wars. Every capitalist state today can not but try every means to ensure its own survival as a fraction of capital at the cost of that of its rival. Thus every state big or small, weak or strong, developed or developing is bound to be imperialist in the present international situation. The ‘international community’ is becoming more and more unable and can not but be so in maintaining the laws of international relations. There is no collective or single international authority in the international arena that can keep the inevitable conflicts under some control and discipline. The process of weakening of the only remaining US superpower is adding to the chaotic situation in the sphere of international relation. Thus the tendency of everyone for himself is becoming more and more predominant and assertive not only in words but also in deeds.  Every capitalist state is trying all possible means to disturb, harass, embarrass and weaken every other state. They are all resorting to secret war through acts of terrorism in each other’s territory. This can not but increase more in the coming period. Both the Indian and the Pakistani states are and can be no exception. The present international situation has added to the zeal of each for further intensifying the secret war against each other through acts of terrorism.

Moreover unemployment, poverty and misery is bound to increase more and more in the coming period. More and more people are being compelled to live in the most inhuman conditions. This can not but be more worsened in the days ahead. The conflict between the various factions of the national bourgeoisie is also intensifying and it will inevitably be more intensified in the coming days. The conflict of the peasantry and petit bourgeois masses of the population with the capitalist state is increasing and is bound to increase more in future.  Obscurantist and fundamentalist ideology is getting more echo among these sectors and various factions of the bourgeoisie are provoking this and actively aiding the fundamentalist forces. Religious and racial fundamentalists are spreading all over the world and trying to instigate religious, communal or racial conflicts. All these provide the very fertile ground for the breeding and development of terrorism and terrorist groups. These terrorist groups are most likely to be aided, supported and manipulated by rival imperialist states and powers in the neighborhood or elsewhere. So there is every possibility of increase in both state and non state terrorism. Thus there can be no respite from the scourge of terrorism so long as the present decadent capitalist system is allowed to further continue its historically needless and most harmful existence. So putting an end to the rotting system is indispensable for getting rid of any sort of terrorism.

Only the working class can put an end to capitalism and to terrorism  

The position of the working class in the capitalist productive process, its collective nature, ability to come to consciousness boundlessly and thus get organized in the best possible way, enables the working class to put an end to the capitalist system. So it will have to disdainfully reject the ideology of nationalism, democracy, communal harmony and the calls for national unity. It will have to find out its own class terrain, international class unity and firmly stick to it. State and non state terrorists are both capitalist and thus the biggest enemy of the working class. Working class can not take any side in their struggle for political supremacy. They will have to intensify their own class struggle against the increasing attacks of capital on living and working conditions in every part of the world. The intensification, generalization, international unity of these struggles and their politicization will serve as important steps forward in the way of putting an end to terrorism and the capitalist system.


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