Pamphlet: The Period of Transition

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We are publishing here texts from the ICC's 1981 pamphlet The Period of Transition from Capitalism to Socialism: The withering-away of the state in marxist theory. Details of all our pamphlets and how to order them can be found here 


  • Basic Texts 4: PROBLEMS OF THE PERIOD OF TRANSITION (April 1975)
    A text presented at  the 1975 International Conference; it tries to distinguish the nature of different periods of transition in history and defends the thesis whereby "the proletariat, whilst making use of the (post-insurrectionary) state, expresses its dictatorship OVER the state." It also gives in broad outline some economic measures. 
  • Basic Texts 5: PROBLEMS OF THE PERIOD OF TRANSITION (December 1974)
    Also a contribution to the 1975 International Conference, this text takes a new look at passages from Marx and Engels, and criticises the position which refuses to identify the dictatorship of the proletariat and the state. 
    This article also refuses the warnings against the state in the period of transition, positing that the state is necessarily revolutionary if the class using it is; it does not accept the position that the state-proletariat identification contributed to the degeneration in Russia.