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Castoriadis, Munis and the problem of breaking with Trotskyism Second part: On the content of the communist revolution

In the previous part of this series, we re-published the article ‘Welcome to Socialisme ou Barbarie’ written by the Gauche Communiste de France in 1948. The article took up a clear position on the nature of the Trotskyist movement, which had abandoned its proletarian credentials by participating in the second imperialist world war. In this new article, we will seek to show how right the GCF were to be cautious in their welcome to SouB, and how difficult it is for those who have grown up in the corrupt milieu of Trotskyism to make a really profound break with its fundamental ideas and attitudes.

Fifty years ago, May 68: The advances and retreats in the class struggle since 1968

Without the events of May 1968, the ICC would not exist.

Trump in Europe: an expression of capitalism in turmoil

Events around Trump’s visit to Europe have very clearly confirmed the main ideas developed in the report on imperialist tensions (June 2018), in particular the notion that the USA has now bec

Report on imperialist tensions (June 2018)

The main orientations of the November 2017 report on imperialist tensions[1] provide us with the essential framework to understand current developments

Analysis of the recent evolution of imperialist tensions (June 2018)

We are publishing below a report on the imperialist situation adopted by the ICC’s central organ at a meeting in June 2018.

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