Philippines: Terrorism and Anti-terrorism: both are enemies of the workers of the world

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We are publishing below an article by the Internasyonalismo group, against both the government "anti-terrorist" campaigns, and against the terror exercised against the population in the name of "Islam" and "national liberation".

Factional wars of the ruling class

Another war in Mindanao has begun against the terrorists who beheaded the 14 Marine soldiers who tried to rescue the kidnapped Italian priest Fr. Giancarlo Bossi[1] last month.

This happened almost simultaneously with the implementation of the "anti-terrorist" law of the Arroyo regime, the Human Security Act of 2007.

Terrorism is the enemy not only of the working class but also of humanity. The objective of terrorism is to terrorize and sow fear to paralyze the masses not to struggle and instead, "voluntarily" submit themselves to the authority of the powerful forces - the terrorists. 

The Abu Sayyaf[2] bandits and its likes are terrorist groups. But its not only them who sow terror and fear among the people. The state itself, most of all, the powerful protector of the dying capitalist order is terrorizing the population. Currently the state implements political killings against the local leaders of the legal organizations of the left of capital - the CPP-NPA.[3]

No doubt, the Philippine government implemented "anti-terrorist" measures through the dictates of its master, US imperialism. But it is not doing this for mere puppetry to America but the former itself has imperialist character also. In fact, behind the decades war in Mindanao is the interests of the ruling class in Manila to suppressed any rivals (secession of the Moro bourgeoisie) in exploiting the labor-power of the Moro workers and its natural resources. On the other hand, the interests behind the "war for self-determination" are not to give freedom to the Moro workers and people but to change only the faction that would rule and exploit them, from the bourgeoisie in Manila to the capitalists in Mindanao. 

Furthermore, if we're going to examine the history of the terrorist groups in Mindanao, we can see that they were formed through the help of AFP[4] and the Philippine state. Particular example is the Abu Sayyaf[5] bandits. This is no different from the groups of Bin Laden and the former regime of Sadam Hussien which got the whole support of US imperialism before. Today, the anti-US imperialists are ones supporting this groups..

It means, the wars today, despite its different objectives, all are instrument and part of the imperialist war. The workers and the people are divided and are made as cannon fodders in these wars. 

The wars raging in the Philippines, like the wars happening in any parts of the world are not "wars of the people against its enemies" like what the different factions of the ruling class want us to believe. "Anti-terrorism" campaign of the state has no other objective than to intensify its own terrorism and strengthened its control of the whole of society. This is also the objective of the terrorist groups "fighting" the government. Terrorism strengthens the capitalist state.

Class struggles: True solution against terrorism 

All terrorist groups as well as all the capitalist governments in the world who are the main forces that sow terror and fear are enemies of the international working class. WE MUST NOT TAKE SIDE IN ANY OF THE WARRING FACTIONS OF THE RULING CLASS.

Imperialism is war. Terrorism is the result of decadent capitalism in its stage of decomposition. it will not disappear, instead terrorism and war will spread and intensify until the rotten capitalist system is not overthrown worldwide. The anti-terrorist campaign of the state will result in more widespread and more destructive terrorism like what happened in Iraq and Afghanistan today. Terrorism and anti-terrorism would both result in bloodbath of hundreds of thousands or even millions of people and the destruction of their livelihoods and environment. The main victims of these are the workers and poor.

The Leftists call as well as the pacifists to "Stop the war in Mindanao" is one-sided because it only targeted the one faction of the ruling class -- the state particularly of the Arroyo regime. But they are silent in condemning the other factions. Behind this silence is the opportunist tactics of "the enemy of my enemy is my friend". This kind of tactics is also implemented by the Left in the war in the Middle East where they support Hamas and Hizbollah and even the "Iraqi resistance" (despite their own history of terrorism) because the latter "fights" against US imperialism. 

The Left's demand to the state and terrorist groups to "Stop the war in Mindanao" under capitalism is no different in demanding that "tigers must be vegetarian".

To fight terrorism, the working class should start its independent struggles against capitalism; they must unite not only in the Philippines but in the whole world against all the attacks of capital.. It means, in Basilan, Sulu, Mindanao, Visayas or Luzon, workers must initiate struggles against exploitation and oppression of the Moro, Filipino or foreign capitalists. 

The workers must cast away the illusions perpetrated by any factions of the ruling class to support the latter's "crusade" in "defending the nation", "defend the right to self-determination" and other calls that would divide the class and sacrifice their lives in an imperialist war. The ultimate solution against terrorism is to overthrow capitalism and the bourgeois state.

The correct calls are: Moro workers must overthrow the Moro capitalists (whether pro-Gloria,[6] anti-Gloria, Abu Sayyaf, MNLF,[7] or MILF[8]). Filipino workers must defeat the Filipino capitalists (whether pro-GMA[9] or anti-GMA). The workers of the world must bring down the international bourgeoisie (whether of the Left or Right). 

In the current permanent crisis of capitalism, in the intensification of wars and terrorism in the different parts of the world in which not only humanity sacrifice their bloods and destroyed their livelihoods but the planet itself is in danger to be ruined, there is no other way out but to destroy capitalism and institute socialism in a world scale; not struggle for reforms but revolutionary struggles. And the only class that can do this is the united and conscious working class, not any form of alliance between the proletariat and a faction of the bourgeoisie. The only alliance that the Filipino and Moro workers must entered into is the alliance of all workers in all countries.


August 2007

[1] Fr. Bossi was kidnapped in the Western part of Mindanao and after a few weeks was released allegedly by the combined forces of Abu Sayyaf and MILF.

[2] Abu Sayyaf is an islamic fundamentalist group in the Philippines engaged in bombings, kidnapping and extortion to finance its cause for an independent islamic state in Mindanao.

[3] CPP - Communist Party of the Philippines, a left of capital adhering to maoism.

   NPA - New People's Army, arm wing of CPP engaged  in guerilla war against the state for almost 40 years.

[4] AFP - Armed Forces of the Philippines

[5] It is well-known that the Abu Sayyaf group was formed by the intelligence agencies of AFP with the help of CIA at the time of imperialist Russia's invasion in Afghanistan. Its founder and later killed, Abdujarak Janjalani, together with tens of Filipino "holy warriors" were sent to Afghanistan  to fight the Russians.

[6] Gloria - Philippine President Gloria Arroyo

[7] MNLF - Moro National Liberation Front, an armed group in Mindanao that capitulated to the Philippine government but its warlords still directly control a section of the Moro population. The MNLF is the officially recognized organization of the Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) representing the "whole Moro people" in the Philippines.

[8] MILF - Moro Islamic Liberation Front, a split from MNLF in late 70s. It is now the biggest moro armed group in Southern Philippines with its own "state structures". It currently engaged in peace talks with the Philippine state for "genuine autonomy" of the Moro people.

[9] GMA - Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, the current president of the Philippine Republic.



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