Special dossier on Covid-19: The real killer is capitalism!

Published by ICConline
Thursday, 28 May, 2020 - 09:43

This dossier contains all the articles on the present COVID19 health crisis.

Class struggle

Protests in the health sector: a breach in “national unity”

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Thursday, 17 September, 2020 - 13:10

August 8th and subsequent weekends saw thousands of UK health workers protest against poor pay and the failure to protect them against Covid-19. Similar anger has been displayed by proletarians in cities around the world...

Mobilisations for 'democracy'

Belarus: whether the regime is authoritarian or democratic, it’s the same capitalist exploitation!

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Monday, 7 September, 2020 - 16:19

Draped in nationalist flags

The working class has nothing to gain by taking in part in mobilisations in favour of bourgeois elections

ICC Internal Debate

Internal Debate in the ICC on the international situation

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Tuesday, 25 August, 2020 - 08:20

The discussion texts we are publishing here are the product of an internal debate within the ICC regarding the significance and direction of the historical phase in the life of decadent capitalism which was definitively opened up by the collapse of the Russian imperialist bloc in 1989: the phase of decomposition, the terminal phase of capitalist decadence.  


The groups of the communist left faced with the Black Lives Matters protests: a failure to identify the terrain of the working class

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Sunday, 19 July, 2020 - 11:13

The aim of this polemic is to stimulate a debate in the proletarian political milieu. We hope that the criticisms we make of other groups will give rise to responses because the communist left can only be strengthened through an open confrontation of our differences.

Advancing decomposition

Explosion in Beirut: a tragic illustration of capitalist negligence

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Thursday, 17 September, 2020 - 12:39

The huge exploision in Beirut

The catastrophe in Beirut shows the criminal negligence not just of the ruling class in Lebanon, but of an entire social order.


The answer to racism is not bourgeois anti-racism, but international class struggle

Published by: ICConline
Thursday, 11 June, 2020 - 22:24

Police take the knee - but still beat-up demonstrators

The anger at the cold-blooded police murder of George Floyd is real, and it has been shared by white people as well as black, by Latinos, Asians, and among the young in particular. But we live in a society which is dominated materially and ideologically by a ruling class, the bourgeoisie or capitalist class. And anger in itself, however justified, is not enough to challenge the system that lies behind police violence, or to avoid the many traps laid by the bourgeoisie. The protests were not started by the ruling class. But it has already succeeded in pulling them onto its own bourgeois political terrain. 

Interclassist Movements

Balance sheet of the public meetings on the “Yellow Vest” movement

Published by: ICConline
Sunday, 2 August, 2020 - 09:21

An account of the discussions at our public meetings on the "Yellow Vests" movement in France. The issues raised in these meetings have a wider significance than this particular movement, since the working class today is being called on to participate in a whole series of protests which are either of an interclassist character, like that of the "Yellow Vests", or which are posed on a directly bourgeois terrain, like the "democratic" protests in Hong Kong or the Black Lives Matter demonstrations.

A danger to the proletarian political milieu

On the adventurist element in Spain

Published by: ICConline
Sunday, 19 July, 2020 - 11:24

A close sympathiser of the ICC makes an appeal to the organisations of the proletarian political milieu to take up their responsibility in response to the dangerous manoeuvres of an adventurer.


The fuel for conspiracy theories is the decomposition of capitalism

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Wednesday, 8 July, 2020 - 18:28

"It is not the consciousness of men that determines their being, but, on the contrary, their social being that determines their consciousness” as Marx famously said. Today, the reality of most people’s ‘being’ across the globe is deteriorating in a dangerous and bewildering manner: wars, economic hardship; environmental degradation, enforced migration and this year, in addition, a new virus. These material conditions of growing chaos and confusion – plus the apparent absence of a credible alternative – are the soil nourishing the proliferation of ‘conspiracy theories’.


Marxism & Conspiracy Theories

Published by: ICConline
Saturday, 21 January, 2012 - 18:00

The article below, published in 2012, complements the new article "The fuel for conspiracy theories is the decomposition of capitalism" which looks at the proliferation of conspiracy theories about the origin or role of the Covid-19 crisis. It is striking how in the intervening period, the acceleration of capitalist decomposition, and particularly the rise of populist parties and governments, has brought these distorted visions into the mainstream. But it remains as necessary as ever for marxists to show why such approaches are a significant barrier to understanding the real workings of this system.

Covid-19 pandemic

Generalised capitalist barbarism Or World proletarian revolution (International leaflet)

Published by: ICConline
Friday, 10 April, 2020 - 21:49

We are publishing this international statement of the ICC on the current Covid-19 crisis in the form of a "digital leaflet" because under the conditions of the lock-down it is clearly not possible to distribute a printed version in large numbers. We are asking all our readers to use all the means at their disposal to disseminate this text - social media, internet forums, and so on - and to write to us with information about any of the reactions and discussions that this provokes, and of course with their own views on the article. It is more than ever necessary for all who fight for the proletarian revolution to express their solidarity with each other and maintain their connections. While we have to isolate ourselves physically for the time being, we can still come together politically!

Solidarity with health workers – against their employer, the capitalist NHS

Published by: ICConline
Sunday, 24 May, 2020 - 08:29

This coronavirus pandemic has shown up the inadequacies and failures of all health services under the capitalist system. Despite the very real differences in their resources, or lack of resources, the degree of organisation by the state and the degree of involvement of private firms, they are all based on two essential aspects of capitalism: the nation state and the need to extract as much value from those who work in the sector for as little money as they can get away with.

Covid-19: despite all the obstacles, the class struggle forges its future

Published by: ICConline
Tuesday, 12 May, 2020 - 14:17

New York Amazon workers on strike against lack of safety procedues

After the promising signs of a new mood of resistance in the working class, exemplified by the strikes in France in December-January, the Covid-19 pandemic and the global lock-down have created enormous difficulties for the class struggle. But what is in some ways remarkable is the fact that, despite the omnipresent fear of contagion, despite the apparent omnipotence of the capitalist state, the signs of class combativity that we saw in the winter have not simply evaporated but, in an initial phase and faced with the shocking negligence and unpreparedness of the bourgeoisie, we have seen very widespread defensive movements of the working class.

Imperialist decomposition

Libya: a focus of capitalist barbarity

Published by: ICConline
Monday, 22 June, 2020 - 11:21

Syrian mercenaries, backed by Turkey, arrive in war-torn Libya

After the "Arab Spring" was over in Libya, where a part of the population rose up against the bloody and corrupt regime of Gaddifi, the western powers (in the name of the "humanitarian protection of the civilian population" that the ex-dictator had brutally repressed) declared war on the Libyan leader. After massacring numerous civilians under a barrage of bombs and liquidating Gaddafi, they left the country in the hand of multiple bloody groups who are still fighting over control of the moribund Libyan state.

Proletarian debate

The pandemic reveals and accelerates capitalist decadence and decomposition

Published by: ICConline
Thursday, 30 April, 2020 - 13:09

A debate with a group of comrades in Alicante, Spain, about the significance of the present pandemic.

Imperialism in the Arctic

How to make a profit from an ecological disaster

Published by: ICConline
Friday, 22 May, 2020 - 10:34

Capitalism is responsible for the looming ecological disaster it has created in the Arctic - and now seeks to exploit the melting of the ice caps for its own strategic and economic interests


The movement against "pension reform": Drawing the lessons to prepare for future struggles

Published by: ICConline
Wednesday, 6 May, 2020 - 16:33

The Covid-19 crisis and the lockdown have not made the class struggle disappear: we have already referred to workers’ strikes demanding proper safety equipment and working conditions in a number of countries, and we will be coming back to this in future articles. There is no denying however that the lock-down creates particularly difficult conditions for the development of the open, massive struggle. But we also know that we are going to be faced with unprecedented attacks on our living standards, and we have to prepare our response. This necessarily entails drawing the lessons of previous struggles, and this is the aim of the article we publish here, written by our section in France, which examines the important strikes of railway workers, health workers and others last autumn and winter.


The New Silk Road: China’s challenge to the existing world order

Published by: ICConline
Saturday, 25 April, 2020 - 13:25

We are publishing this article because of the paramount importance of gaining a deeper understanding of the rise of Chinese capitalism in the last three decades, and more specifically of the aims of its “New Silk Road” project. It should be noted that it was written some time before the current Covid-19 pandemic, which will certainly have a significant impact on the global imperialist pecking order. It also puts forward a number of elements – such as the sections on the “Mackinder Doctrine” and on the development of the “credit economy” in Stalinist regimes – which are currently under discussion in the ICC. We therefore offer it as the contribution of an individual comrade.


An appeal for solidarity with the ICC in the proletarian milieu faced with a new parasitic attack

Published by: ICConline
Thursday, 2 April, 2020 - 08:44

A close sympathiser of the ICC responds to an attack on our organisation by the so-called "International Group of the Communist Left"


Nuevo Curso and the “Spanish Communist Left”: What are the origins of the Communist Left?

Published by: ICConline
Monday, 2 September, 2019 - 19:10

Anyone who claims to belong to the communist left has the responsibility to know and to make known the history of this component of the workers’ movement, its origins in reaction to the degeneration of the parties of the Communist International, and the different branches which compose it (the Italian left, the German-Dutch left etc). It is above all important to draw out very precisely the historic contours of the communist left and the differences which separate it from other left currents of the past, notably the Trotskyist current. This is the object of the present article.

Working Class History

Lassalle and Schweitzer: The struggle against political adventurers in the workers’ movement

Published by: ICConline
Thursday, 26 September, 2019 - 10:27

150 years ago, in the early 1860s, the workers’ movement internationally was still in its infancy, and its different components had not yet acquired much experience in setting up and defending political organisations. At the same time the working class in Germany was going to be faced with one of the most difficult political challenges, that of confronting the activities of political adventurers, as the following article explains.

ICC Leaflet on French strikes

For a massive and united struggle of all the exploited against the attacks of government

Published by: ICConline
Friday, 24 January, 2020 - 11:52

After years of weakness, the social movement against pension reform shows a re-awakening of the combativity of the proletariat in France. Despite all its difficulties the working class has begun to raise its head.

North Africa

War, terror, and modern slavery in Libya

Published by: ICConline
Tuesday, 3 December, 2019 - 14:30

Local militias, supported by regional and international imperialist powers, have turned Libya into a chaotic war zone and a veritable slave market for refugees


30 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall: the same lies to mask the bankruptcy of capitalism

Published by: ICConline
Thursday, 2 January, 2020 - 12:22


greatest lie in history: Stalinism equals communism

Thirty years ago, the fall of the Berlin Wall demonstrated the bankruptcy of the reviled Stalinist regimes. Lyingly labelled ‘the death of communism’, this event was in reality the symbol of the implosion of the Eastern Bloc, a pivotal moment in the decomposition of capitalism. But its thirtieth anniversary has seen the bourgeoisie regurgitate the same lies today as yesterday. The working class has to permanently reject and fight back against this ideological assault.

Inter-classist unrest

"Popular revolts" are no answer to world capitalism's dive into crisis and misery

Published by: International Review
Thursday, 28 November, 2019 - 09:56

Protesters wave the national flag in Lebanon

We are currently seeing a wave of popular movements against the endless sacrifices demanded by capitalism and implemented by governments which are often gangrened by corruption, discredited and hated by the population. Such movements have taken place in Chile, Ecuador, Haiti, Iraq, Iran, Algeria and Lebanon. But while the working class is present in these "popular revolts", it's never as an antagonistic class to capital but one drowned within the population. Far from favouring a future riposte from the working class and, with it, the only viable perspective of a struggle against the capitalist system, these popular, inter-classist revolts serve to reinforce the idea of "no future", which can only obscure such a perspective. They strengthen the difficulties experienced by the working class in mounting its own response to the more and more intolerable conditions that are the result of the bankruptcy of capitalism. 

British Situation

Homelessness: Product of the capitalist crisis

Published by: ICConline
Monday, 9 September, 2019 - 13:57

Today, if you walk the streets of the towns and cities of Britain it seems that a permanent feature of city centres are desperate people, young and old, squatting in shop doorways begging for change...

Refugee crisis

The misery of refugees in Moria shows the true face of the ruling class

Published by: ICConline
Thursday, 17 September, 2020 - 13:02

Fire ravages Moria camp, already unfit for human habitation

The humanitarian speeches of the ruling class can't hide the real inhumanity of their policy towards the growing mass of refugees.

Covid Pandemic

War of the vaccines: Capitalism is an obstacle to the discovery of a treatment

Published by: ICConline
Monday, 10 August, 2020 - 14:46

The laws of capitalist competition prevent states and enterprises from engaging in effective cooperation to find a vaccine against Covid-19

Imperialism and Decomposition

1990-2020, Thirty years of war and destruction in the Middle East. Part One: a decomposing system sinking into military barbarism

Published by: International Review
Tuesday, 1 September, 2020 - 08:35

Idlib, Syria, 2020
This text does not aim to develop a history of recent conflicts in the Middle East but to show how the understanding of the decadence and decomposition of capitalism is an essential framework for understanding the explosion of contradictions which plunge this region of the world today into warlike bestiality and chaos. This barbarism has a history, and it reflects the rotting of the system.

1990-2020: 30 years of war and destruction in the Middle East. Part II - An infernal spiral of all-out confrontations and bloody massacres

Published by: International Review
Tuesday, 8 September, 2020 - 12:52

The development of the situation in the Middle East between 1990 and 2010 has shown vividly that the imperialist confrontations, the militarism and barbarism, which are essential characteristics of the period of the decadence of capitalism, have not only intensified but, above all, in the phase of the widespread decomposition of capitalist society, their irrational and chaotic nature has become more and more evident.


Slavery and racism, tools of capitalist exploitation

Published by: ICConline
Thursday, 23 July, 2020 - 09:10

Racial tensions in the United States are related to the role played by the slave system in the development of primitive accumulation in that country. Slavery existed throughout the Americas and the Caribbean (Brazil, Spanish colonies, the Caribbean islands) but in no other developed country has this system conditioned social relations and the obstacles to working class unity as much as in the US. At another level of development and importance, the case of South Africa has some similarities.

Polemic with The Anarchist Communist Group

The ACG rejects identity politics but “accepts” a democratic secular state of Israel

Published by: ICConline
Monday, 20 July, 2020 - 09:06

Since we wrote about the elements that were to found the Anarchist Communist Group (ACG) in February 2018, this organisation has gone through a process of defining its course and determining its programme. Its main objective was to turn away from the domination of identity politics, as had developed in the Anarchist Federation and in the anarchist milieu in general, and to return to the class struggle as the fundamental basis of its activities. After the group was founded it made some steps, as it said, “to break with the swamp of traditional anarchism” and in the direction of class positions. This article shows the limitations of that break. 


The return to school in France and Britain: The price that children are paying for the capitalist pandemic

Published by: ICConline
Wednesday, 8 July, 2020 - 18:53

We are publishing an article written by our comrades in France which shows that the bourgeoisie’s negligent and irresponsible response to the Covid-19 pandemic is not limited to populist government’s like those in Britain and the US. It is followed by an article that highlights the similarity of government action on both sides of the Channel. This article was written by a sympathiser but is fully in line with our position on this question.

Defence of the proletarian milieu

Who is who in “Nuevo Curso”?

Published by: ICConline
Tuesday, 28 January, 2020 - 10:58

The proletariat will only be able to free humanity from the increasingly suffocating chains of world capitalism if its struggle is inspired and fertilised by the critical historical continuity of its communist organisations, that thread that runs from the Communist League in 1848 to the current organisations that identify with the tradition of the communist left. Deprived of this compass, the workers’ reaction against the barbarity and misery imposed by capitalism will be condemned to blind, desperate actions, which may lead to a definitive chain of defeats....

South Korea

Beyond bourgeois elections, towards communism as the future of the working class

Published by: ICConline
Tuesday, 28 April, 2020 - 18:38

This statement by the Korea-based group Internationalist Communist Perspective was written before the elections in South Korea, which took place on 15 April 2020 and ended in a landslide victory for the current president Moon Jae-in, to a large extent because of the country’s relatively effective response to the Covid-19 outbreak. According to the comrades this text was the only voice raised against participating in the elections.


Message to our readers: WR 386 in PDF form only

Published by: ICConline
Wednesday, 27 May, 2020 - 09:33

Because of the Covid-19 and the lock-down, it is not possible to distribute a paper version of World Revolution at the moment. But we have produced a PDF of WR 386 in A4 which makes it easier for readers to print off copies for their own use. Subscriptions to the paper press will be held in suspense until the next paper is produced, although subscribers to the International Review should now be receiving International Review 164 in the mail, containing the reports and resolutions from the 23rd ICC Congress.

The communist programme in the phase of capitalist decomposition

Bordiga and the Big City

Published by: International Review
Thursday, 23 April, 2020 - 12:48

This new volume in the series on communism will look at the some of the major problems posed to the revolutionary project of the working class  by capitalism's entry into the last stage of its decadence, the phase of decomposition: social atomisation and loss of class identity, uncontrolled urbanisation and destruction of the natural environment, and so on. In doing so it will revisit some of the questions posed in the past about the social and economic measures needed to carry through a communist transformation. 

Refugee crisis

Syrian refugees: no limit to the cruelty of the ruling class

Published by: ICConline
Monday, 16 March, 2020 - 21:19

Refugees from the war in Syria are being used as pawns by the rival imperialist powers responsible for the slaughter.

Strikes in France

The working class begins to become aware of itself

Published by: ICConline
Monday, 17 February, 2020 - 15:55

What was the significance of the recent strike movement in France, principally involving railway workers, health workers and other parts of the public sector? This was a movement which was undoubtedly a response to a direct attack on workers’ living conditions – the so-called “Pension Reforms” demanded by the Macron government. It was centred on the workplaces where the working class is most obviously a living social force, but at the same time, there was a very strong push towards solidarity between the different sectors.

Imperialist Tensions

The new space race: An imperialist battle-ground for capitalism

Published by: ICConline
Thursday, 5 March, 2020 - 18:01

Behind the space race between the USA and the USSR lay the military rivalry between the two imperialist blocs. In today's period of "every man for himself", there is no let up in the militarisation of space.

Class Struggle

The French government and unions hand-in-hand to implement pensions ‘reform’

Published by: ICConline
Monday, 17 February, 2020 - 17:16

The movement against pension reform in France was from start to finish under the control of the unions. They called the strike, they chose and organised the days of action, they led the rare general assemblies. And it was the unions who led the movement to defeat. And for two years the unions worked together with the government ... to prepare and manage to pass this reform!

Work of the 23rd ICC Congress

Reports and Resolutions of the 23rd Congress of the ICC

Published by: International Review
Tuesday, 9 July, 2019 - 14:00

We are publishing a number of documents emanating from the 23rd ICC Congress: reports that were discussed and ratified (or extracts from them) and resolutions that were adopted. This now includes an article on the overall work of the Congress and the report on the historic course with a short introduction. We add to this collection a report aimed at updating our analysis of decomposition which was ratified by the 22nd ICC Congress and which provides a framework for some of the reports to the 23rd Congress.

Communism is on the agenda of history

Marc Chirik and the state in the period of transition

Published by: International Review
Thursday, 16 January, 2020 - 12:39

Militants of the GCF, Paris 1945: left to right, Chirik, Bricanier, Mousso and Evrard

This article, continuing our long-running series on the communist goals of the workers' movement, looks at the contribution of Marc Chirik, a comrade of the Italian Fraction , the Gauche Communiste de France and the ICC, to the debate on the post-revolutionary state and the problems of the period of transition from capitalism to communism.

Ecology campaigns

Anarchists and Extinction Rebellion: A bourgeois organisation cannot be transformed

Published by: ICConline
Monday, 17 February, 2020 - 16:08

An underlying problem with anarchism is its lack of a class analysis - a kind of original sin of anarchism, which has always tended to express the standpoint of the petty bourgeoisie or other intermediate strata rather than that of the working class. Extinction Rebellion – like the trade unions or the Labour party – is a bourgeois organisation, linked directly to the capitalist state, and thus incapable of being “transformed” into something that serves the class struggle. Its function – like the New Green Deal or the Youth for Climate campaign - is to recuperate genuine concerns about the future of the planet and to steer them away from questioning capitalism.

Supplement on Ecology

The future of the planet cannot be left in the hands of the capitalist class

Published by: ICConline
Sunday, 17 November, 2019 - 12:03

The following article forms part of a Supplement on Ecology with other articles appearing elsewhere on this site. The Supplement itself can be read in full by downloading the attached file or by clicking on the Supplement on Ecology issue in the right hand Latest Issues column. If you agree with the content, you can actively contribute to its dissemination by distributing the Supplement at demonstrations and meetings.

The Green New Deal or the greenwashing of capitalism

Published by: ICConline
Sunday, 17 November, 2019 - 12:34

The Green New Deal proposes to save jobs and the environment. This is impossible within capitalism.

Extinction Rebellion: bourgeois reformism in disguise

Published by: ICConline
Sunday, 17 November, 2019 - 12:20





'Handing yourself over to the police'

For a serious critique of the theory and practice of Extinction Rebellion (XR) it is necessary to use the tools of marxism, understanding social phenomena in the context of capitalist society, in the clash of interests between the ruling capitalist class and the working class - a class that is exploited, but has the capacity to overthrow capitalism. We aim to show that despite its claim to be opposed to reformism and even capitalism itself, XR is an obstacle to a real fight against the capitalist system.

No solution to the ecological catastrophe without the emancipation of labour from capitalist exploitation

Published by: ICConline
Wednesday, 3 April, 2019 - 12:31

It is not enough to examine the mounting threat to life on this planet through the lens of ecology, or the natural sciences, alone. To understand the underlying causes of ecological devastation, and the possibility of reversing it, we have to understand their connection to the existing social relations, to the economic system that governs the earth: capitalism. And for us that means using the only really scientific approach to understanding the structure and dynamics of human society – the method of marxism. One excellent point of departure here is Engels’ 1876 essay ‘The part played by labour in the transition from ape to man’, an unfinished movement that has been included within a broader unfinished symphony, The Dialectics of Nature".

International Leaflet

Only the international class struggle can end capitalism’s drive towards destruction

Published by: ICConline
Friday, 30 August, 2019 - 14:36

There is no question that the present system is dragging humanity towards an environmental catastrophe. The wave of protests organised by Youth for Climate, Extinction Rebellion, the Green parties and the parties of the left are presented as a way forward. But those who are currently following their lead should ask themselves: why are these protests being so widely supported by those who manage and defend the present system? Why is Greta invited to speak to parliaments, governments, the United Nations?

Readers' Contribution

The Elite and the Ruling Class

Published by: ICConline
Tuesday, 5 November, 2019 - 21:30

We are publishing a contribution from a sympathizer in the US which aims at exposing the empty but dangerous ideology about ‘the elite’ which is being used more and more by different factions of the capitalist class today.