The necessity for workers' autonomy

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Saturday, 26 November, 2022 - 09:21

June 2021: striking oil workers at a refinery

The wave of protests in Iran expresses a widespread discontent against the Islamic regime, but the working class in Iran faces the danger of being "drowned" in a popular movement dominated by bourgeois slogans

Refugee crisis

The shipwreck of government policy

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Thursday, 24 November, 2022 - 20:10

The "refugee problem" is a product of the global disintegration of capitalism, and the ruling class has no solution to it. 

Decomposition of world capitalism

Faced with the acceleration of capitalist barbarism, there is only one answer: class struggle!

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Monday, 17 October, 2022 - 11:54

For the last three years, we have been witnessing a simultaneity and an aggravation of the different crises and catastrophes which are accelerating the decay of capitalist society: war, economic crisis, ecological crisis, pandemic... This has reached the point where the threat of the annihilation of the human species has become more serious and concrete than ever.

International Leaflet

A summer of anger in Britain: The ruling class demands further sacrifices, the response of the working class is to fight!

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Friday, 2 September, 2022 - 14:56

All the reporters and commentators are referring to the current strikes as the biggest working class action in Britain for decades; only the huge strikes of 1979 produced a bigger and more widespread movement. Action on this scale in a country as large as Britain is not only significant locally, it is an event of international importance, a message to the exploited of every country. This international leaflet in pdf form is available here. We encourage our readers to print out copies and distribute them wherever possible. 

Imperialist conflict in Ukraine

Joint statement of groups of the international communist left about the war in Ukraine

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Wednesday, 6 April, 2022 - 11:45

The organisations of the communist left must mount a united defence of their common heritage of adherence to the principles of proletarian internationalism, especially at a time of great danger for the world's working class. The return of imperialist carnage to Europe in the war in Ukraine is such a time. That's why we publish below, with other signatories from the communist left tradition (and a group with a different trajectory fully supporting the statement), a common statement on the fundamental perspectives for the working class in the face of imperialist war.

Strike wave in Britain

Workers fight for their own side in the class war

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Tuesday, 4 October, 2022 - 21:07

The strikes in Britain signify a real break from the years of retreat which began in the 1980s

Reader’s contribution

Truss resignation shows the real nature of Britain’s “special relationship” with the US

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Monday, 14 November, 2022 - 12:45

The reader’s contribution published here is about the global tendencies and tensions underlying a recent, unprecedented event in the history of British politics: the resignation of Truss after only 44 days and after several tumultuous weeks, making her the shortest-serving prime minister in the history of the United Kingdom.

Political chaos in Britain

The “Tory crisis” expresses the impasse of the whole ruling class

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Saturday, 22 October, 2022 - 19:08

The “Tory crisis” is really an expression of a much deeper political crisis within the ruling class as a whole, of a decomposing system in which the bourgeoisie everywhere is increasingly losing control over its own political life.

Internationalist Voice on the protests in Iran

The emancipation of women is only possible in a communist society

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Sunday, 30 October, 2022 - 07:45

We publish here an article by the Internationalist Voice group, which argues forcefully against the attempts of the international bourgeoisie to steer the mounting anger of the population in Iran towards the illusion of an “emancipation of women” inside the confines of capitalist society. 

Strikes in the oil refineries in France

Our strength as a class is solidarity in the struggle!

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Wednesday, 19 October, 2022 - 10:18

A leaflet given out to workers involved in the current struggles in France

Significance of the “summer of anger" in Britain

The return of the combativity of the world proletariat

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Wednesday, 12 October, 2022 - 10:18

Because of the number of sectors affected, the combativity of the workers involved in the struggle and the widespread support for action among the working population, the wave of strikes which has spread throughout Britain this summer is an event of undeniable importance on the domestic level. But we also need to understand that the historical significance of these struggles goes far beyond their local dimension or even their one-off occurrence.

Ecological crisis

Capitalist destruction of nature heats up the need for communism

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Tuesday, 4 October, 2022 - 08:54

Storm damage from 150mph winds in Florida

In the first half of 2022, as in so many of the previous years, the planet was plagued by numerous wildfires, catastrophic flooding, tropical storms and unprecedented heat waves. The increase of temperature has considerably exacerbated the risk of extreme weather disasters. The scale of destruction it implies is terrifying: it reveals the acceleration of the decomposition of capitalism.

History of the revolutionary movement

Anton Pannekoek: The Destruction of Nature

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Friday, 14 October, 2022 - 17:17

Anton Pannekoek, 1909

This article written by Anton Pannekoek (1873-1960), published in 1909 is a resounding refutation of the allegations – inspired by the lies of Stalinism, which has been fraudulently defined as communism – that marxism has no concern for nature and the ecological question; that – like the capitalist system it claims to be fighting – it is marked by the same “productivism” which is so destructive of nature. The exact opposite is true!

Brazil elections

Neither Lula nor Bolsonaro! Against all the capitalist camps, the only future is the development of the class struggle

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Thursday, 29 September, 2022 - 11:37

A brief statement on the need for working class independence faced with the elections in Brazil

Reader's contribution

Reflections on the July public meeting of the ICC

Published by: ICConline
Monday, 26 September, 2022 - 10:47

In July, the ICC received a contribution that gives an appreciation of the online meeting on the war in Ukraine and the responsibilities of revolutionaries of 2 July 2022. We wholeheartedly welcome this contribution which gives a very good picture one of the most important disagreements that were raised during this meeting

Reader's letter

Response to the correspondence between groups of the communist left

Published by: ICConline
Friday, 2 September, 2022 - 09:33

We publish here a response from an ICC sympathiser in Belgium to the correspondence among groups of the communist left regarding the joint statement on the Ukraine war signed by several groups.  


Critique of the so-called “Communisers”

Part One: Introduction to the series on “Communisers”

Published by: International Review
Wednesday, 24 August, 2022 - 12:23

A new series which develops our critique of the so-called “communisation” tendency and its claims to have gone beyond marxism and the communist left.

Internationalists faced with the war in Ukraine

Correspondence on the Joint Statement of groups of the Communist Left on the war in Ukraine

Published by: ICConline
Friday, 5 August, 2022 - 12:04

An exchange of correspondence between the groups of the communist left regarding the need for a joint statement against the imperialist war in Ukraine.

Internationalists and the war in Ukraine

A balance sheet of the public meetings about the Joint Statement by groups of the Communist Left on the war in Ukraine.

Published by: ICConline
Wednesday, 15 June, 2022 - 10:15

Following the publication of the Joint Declaration by groups of the Communist Left (International Communist Current, Internationalist Voice, and Istituto Onorato Damen) two public online meetings were held by these groups, one in Italian and one in English, to discuss and clarify the need for the Joint Declaration and the tasks of revolutionaries in the face of imperialist war and new world conditions.

On the history of the No War but the Class War groups

Published by: ICConline
Saturday, 9 July, 2022 - 17:32

An examination of previous efforts to establish No War but the Class War groups, in order to draw the relevant lessons for the intervention of revolutionaries in the face of imperialist war

In the face of war, economic attacks, world-wide chaos

How can the proletariat overthrow capitalism?

Published by: International Review
Wednesday, 3 August, 2022 - 17:17

An analysis of the situation of the world working class faced with the war in Ukraine and the acceleration of capitalist decomposition.

Special Dossier "War in Ukraine"

Ukraine Dossier: Capitalism is War - War on Capitalism!

Published by: ICConline
Tuesday, 17 May, 2022 - 09:32

A selection of articles, analyses, leaflets and statements on the unfolding inter-imperialist war following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022.

Lessons of the workers' movement

Critical balance sheet of the 2011 Indignados movement in Spain

Published by: ICConline
Tuesday, 17 May, 2022 - 10:11

The strength of the proletariat lies in its ability to learn from a struggle of over three centuries of historical experience. Ten years on, what lessons can we draw from the Indignados movement? 

Work of the 24th International Congress of the ICC

Report on the international class struggle to the 24th ICC Congress

Published by: International Review
Tuesday, 17 August, 2021 - 14:53

We continue publishing the main reports on the world situation from the 24th ICC Congress. This report examines some of the main issues facing the international class struggle in the phase of capitalist decomposition: the problem of the politicisation of the class movement, the dangers posed by interclassism, the subterranean maturation of consciousness, and the meaning of defeats in this period.

Report on the economic crisis for the 24th Congress of the ICC

Published by: International Review
Tuesday, 24 August, 2021 - 12:00

The focus of this report is on the general perspective: where is the world economy heading after the great cataclysm that erupted with the Covid pandemic?

Balance sheet of the Congress: Understanding the historical situation and preparing for the future

Published by: International Review
Thursday, 9 December, 2021 - 09:19

This article aims to give a general overview of the work of the ICC's 24th International Congress in its efforts to understand the present world situation and its historical context.

Communists and the "race" question

USA: the struggle of the workers’ movement against slavery and racism, part 5: The urban riots of the 1960s

Published by: ICConline
Friday, 8 July, 2022 - 08:52

“The riots forced the bourgeois state to openly show its oppressive face”

This article intends to take a closer look at the positions of the News and Letters group in the USA on the violent riots in the second half of the 1960s and to respond to the view, put forward by the International Communist Party (Communist Programme) and Bordiga himself, that “this sudden tearing away of the veil of legal fictions and democratic hypocrisy [is] a harbinger of victory.”

Chinese imperialism

Covid-19 crisis: opportunity or obstacle for China's rise?

Published by: ICConline
Friday, 24 December, 2021 - 09:16

Against the idea that China will emerge as a “winner” from the pandemic crisis, we insist that the Chinese bourgeoisie cannot escape the pressure of the economic crisis and the decomposition of capitalism.

On the book La Fabrique des pandémies

Against the manufacturing of impotence, communism alone offers humanity a perspective

Published by: International Review
Tuesday, 22 February, 2022 - 10:14

We review a recent book published in French, which while offering important scientific insights into the origins of the Covid pandemic, proves to be powerless when it comes to grasping the problem at its roots in the capitalist mode of production.


Special dossier on Covid-19: The real killer is capitalism!

Published by: ICConline
Thursday, 28 May, 2020 - 09:43

This dossier contains many of the ICC's articles on the present COVID19 health crisis.


The Covid 19 pandemic and the dynamic of the class struggle

Published by: ICConline
Wednesday, 16 November, 2022 - 16:28

An exchange relating to the significance of the current wave of workers’ struggles in Britain and their connection to the period of the Covid pandemic

All trade unions are against the struggle of the working class

Published by: ICConline
Thursday, 3 November, 2022 - 10:46

A reader who recently took part in an online public meeting of the ICC has raised questions about our position on the trade unions, the Russian revolution and other vital questions. Here we publish part of the correspondence dealing with the question of the trade unions.

Internal debate on the world situation

Reply to Ferdinand

Published by: ICConline
Wednesday, 16 November, 2022 - 19:57

Reply to comrade Steinklopfer, August 2022

Published by: ICConline
Friday, 26 August, 2022 - 11:47

A response to the contribution Explanation of the amendments by comrade Steinklopfer rejected by the Congress. 

Explanation of the amendments by comrade Steinklopfer rejected by the Congress

Published by: ICConline
Thursday, 9 June, 2022 - 13:44

Here we publish the second of two texts expressing divergences on the resolution on the international situation from the 24th ICC Congress.

Divergences with the Resolution on the International Situation of the 24th ICC congress (explanation of a minority position, by Ferdinand)

Published by: International Review
Thursday, 12 May, 2022 - 09:57

ICC presentation
In continuity with the discussion documents published after the ICC’s 23rd Congress, we are publishing a further contribution by a comrade expressing divergences with the Resolution on the International Situation from the ICC’s 24th Congress.

Sweden and Finland join NATO

The myth of neutrality and non-alignment exposed

Published by: ICConline
Thursday, 20 October, 2022 - 10:33

The myth of the “peaceful” Nordic countries is being exposed, and NATO will profit from this, through a strengthening of its northern flank, which extends the encirclement of Russia.

Economic crisis

The world economy hit by the acceleration of decomposition

Published by: ICConline
Tuesday, 11 October, 2022 - 18:58

Capitalism is more and more being strangled by a whole series of contradictions inherent in its way of existing, which are now inter-acting and mutually reinforcing each other, threatening society at unheard of levels of scale and frequency.

Imperialist rivalries

American imperialism, a major factor in capitalist chaos

Published by: ICConline
Friday, 14 October, 2022 - 17:08

The claims of the USA to be the standard bearer of peace and a rule-based world order are nothing but lies to hide its real imperialist designs.

Angry Workers of the World and the war in Ukraine

AWW and Ukraine war: There is no middle ground between internationalism and “national defence”

Published by: ICConline
Thursday, 22 September, 2022 - 09:40

The war in Ukraine has produced major divisions in a group which, in the past, has defended internationalist positions.

From Internationalist Voice

The murder of Mahsa Amini is a manifestation of the brutality of the Islamic bourgeoisie!

Published by: ICConline
Sunday, 25 September, 2022 - 11:18

Statement by the Internationalist Voice group about the widespread protests over the police murder of a young woman in Iran for breaking the regime's "hijab rules". 

Demise of the Queen

Capitalist propaganda in the service of national unity. Workers have no country!

Published by: ICConline
Thursday, 15 September, 2022 - 10:41

The death of the Queen has given rise to a relentless ideological campaign aimed at shoring up the present system and hiding its class divisions

ICC online public meeting

Presentation to the September 2022 public meetings

Published by: ICConline
Tuesday, 6 September, 2022 - 09:35

Presentation to two online meetings about the war in the Ukraine and the resulting social situation, held in the English language early in September 2022.

Fires multiply around the world

Capitalism is burning the planet!

Published by: ICConline
Friday, 5 August, 2022 - 09:16

The responsibility for increasing heatwaves and wildfires, and the phenomenon of global warming that lies behind them, lies with the mode of production that rules the planet.


Decomposition of capitalism

War in Ukraine, pandemic, environmental disaster, economic crisis... Only the proletariat can offer a future to humanity

Published by: ICConline
Wednesday, 13 July, 2022 - 15:00

The accumulation and the simultaneity of disasters demonstrate only one thing: the accentuation of the putrefaction of capitalist society and the total incapacity of the ruling class to counteract it. Editorial to World Revolution 393 - Summer 2022.

Update of the 1990 orientation text

Militarism and Decomposition (May 2022)

Published by: International Review
Tuesday, 2 August, 2022 - 17:51

In the wake of the Ukraine war, a new text updating our analysis of the growth of militarism in the final phase of capitalist decadence.

Ukraine war

British imperialism faces deep contradictions

Published by: ICConline
Thursday, 21 July, 2022 - 13:16

Britain’s proximity to the USA’s policy on the Ukraine war has brought some short-term gains but also threatens bigger problems in the future.

History of the workers' movement

German Social Democracy 1872 – 1914: the fight against organisational opportunism, Part 2

Published by: International Review
Thursday, 16 June, 2022 - 11:53

This part of the article deals with the period from 1891 to the outbreak of the First World War and the betrayal of the opportunist wing of the Party.

German Social Democracy 1872 – 1914: the fight against organisational opportunism, Part 1

Published by: International Review
Wednesday, 12 January, 2022 - 12:48

The following article, often drawing on research into books and documentation that are only available in the German language, chronicles the history of the struggle against organizational opportunism in the German SPD in two parts. The first part, published here, covers the period from 1872 to 1890, from the Gotha to the Erfurt programmes.

Dossier: Marxism in the UK 1848-1914

The Struggle for the Class Party in Britain 1848-1914

Published by: ICConline
Tuesday, 14 June, 2022 - 11:41

A series of of articles examining the historic problems faced by the effort to construct a marxist political organisation in Britain.

Anarchists and the war in Ukraine

Between internationalism and the "defence of the nation"

Published by: ICConline
Tuesday, 24 May, 2022 - 09:46

The diversity of responses by anarchists to the war in Ukraine shows the political incoherence of this tradition.

ICC International leaflet

Against the attacks of the ruling class, we need a massive, united struggle!

Published by: ICConline
Saturday, 29 January, 2022 - 09:03

In all countries, in all sectors, the working class is facing an unbearable degradation of its living and working conditions. All governments, whether of the right or the left, traditional or populist, are imposing one attack after the other as the world economic crisis goes from bad to worse. How are we to face up to the attacks of the ruling class...?

Decline of US imperialism

The USA: Superpower in the decadence of capitalism, today the epicentre of social decomposition. Part II

Published by: ICConline
Wednesday, 17 November, 2021 - 12:30

Second of two articles analysing the fact that USA’s rise to world dominance also coincides with the course of a world system in decline. The Biden administration has now been in power for 8 months and the difficulties of the American bourgeoisie in reversing the effects of decomposition on all levels have clearly been confirmed…

The superpower in capitalist decadence is now the epicentre of social decomposition, part I

Published by: ICConline
Saturday, 18 September, 2021 - 07:18

The first of two articles analysing the fact that USA’s rise to world dominance also coincides with the course of a world system in decline. In particular, it became a global superpower through imperialist war becoming the “way of life” of decadent capitalism.

Work of the 24th International Congress of the ICC

Resolution on the international situation adopted by the 24th ICC Congress

Published by: International Review
Friday, 3 September, 2021 - 08:15
This resolution aims to bring together all the major elements of the world situation: the acceleration of decomposition, sharpening imperialist rivalries, an unprecedented economic crisis, and the perspectives for the class struggle.