Food crisis: the price of capitalist greed that will kill us in hunger (report from the Philippines)

The article that we are publishing here has been sent to us by the comrades of the Internasyonalismo group in the Philippines. It shows us the true worth of the crocodile tears shed by the Filipino ruling class, both in power and in opposition, for the suffering of the population as a result of a food crisis which is the result, not of poor harvests but of the capitalist economy's insatiable thirst for profit no matter what the cost. And the cost is paid both in the immediate by the working class and the poverty stricken masses struck by the massive increase in food prices, but also in the long term as the cynical irresponsibility of the capitalist class increasingly ruins the ecological system on which humanity's food production depends.

The article's analysis concentrates on the role of bio-fuel production and the degradation of the rice producing areas by over-farming. One point should be added in our view: the role played by the diversion of speculative capital from the US and European housing markets into the commodities markets - and in particular the futures markets for food. According to Jean Ziegler, UN Special Rapporteur on the right to food, while the use of grain for bio-fuels is the major culprit in the rise in food prices, 30% of the rise can be directly attributed to speculation on the commodities markets.

ICC web sites in Turkish and Hungarian

The ICC has just opened web sites in Turkish and Hungarian, containing our Platform and Basic Positions. We would like to thank the comrades of the Enternasyonalist Komünist Sol and Barikád Kollektíva for the translations which have allowed us to give our readers in these languages access to the positions of the communist left.

We would also like to thank the comrades of the Internasyonalismo group for making available the translation in Filipino of the ICC's pamphlet on the decadence of capitalism (Pagbulusok-pababa ng kapitalismo).

Philippines: a microcosm of the class struggle world wide in MEPZA


We are publishing below extracts of an account sent to us by the comrades of the Internasyonalismo group of workers' movements that have taken place over the last few years in the MEPZA industrial zone. Although only a few hundred workers were involved in the events described here, they reveal in microcosm the problems confronting not only the 40,000 workers in MEPZA but by millions of workers world wide, from the maqiladora on the US-Mexican frontier to the factories in China's "special economic zones".

Statement of Internasyonalismo to the ICC 17th International Congress

We are publishing below the address sent to the 17th Congress by the Internasyonalismo group in the Philippines, which was invited to send a delegation to the Congress but which was unfortunately unable to do so for various material reasons. The comrades have been in contact and discussion with the ICC for over a year, and have undertaken to develop a left communist presence in the Philippines under the most difficult material conditions. It is thanks to their efforts that the ICC has been able to open its own web site in the Filipino language, and readers can follow and participate in the Internasyonalismo comrades' discussions on their blog.

An internationalist voice in the Philippines

The text published here was written by the Internasyonalismo group in the Philippines. We are in general agreement with the contents of this text, but even more importantly we salute the resolutely internationalist spirit in which it is written. We welcome the emergence of this new internationalist voice that is making itself heard in an important fraction of the proletariat in the Far East.

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