An internationalist voice in the Philippines

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For some time now, the ICC has been in contact with comrades in the Philippines to support the development of left communist ideas and principles there, and to foster the ties between communists in the Philippines and the rest of the internationalist movement world wide (see our critique of "Ka Popoy" Lagman already published on this site). The discussions between the ICC and the comrades in the Philippines has also led to the creation of the "Internasyonalismo" group, which is publishing discussion documents in Filipino and English on various theoretical questions, as well as on the political situation in the Philippines and internationally. We encourage comrades to visit the Internasyonalismo web site, which contains numerous articles of political reflection and analysis of the current situation, in English and in Filipino.

The text we are publishing below is Internasyonalismo's statement on the significance of May Day. We are in general agreement with the contents of this statement, but even more importantly we salute the resolutely internationalist spirit in which it is written. We welcome this new internationalist voice that is making itself heard in an important fraction of the proletariat in the Far East.


Political currents and reference: