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How the 2nd International failed the workers in 1914

14 December, 2014 - 17:19 : Downloaded 139 times

In all the noisy commemorations about the First World War, some things are more or less left in silence. In particular, that a crucial responsibility for the war lay with the ‘Labour’ and ‘Socialist’ parties who in 1914 voted for war credits and set about mobilising the workers for the war effort.

This recording, of the presentation to the first session of the ICC day of discussion on World War I held in September 2014, looks at how the majority of the parties of the Second International came to betray the fundamental principles of internationalism and integrate themselves into the bourgeois state. This treason did not come about overnight, but was the product of a long process of degeneration which still contains many lessons for today. It focuses in particular on the German Social Democratic Party, the great jewel of the workers' movement prior to the war, whose capitulation in 1914 was a decisive factor in the 2nd International's collapse.

The presentation is based on two articles to be found in our special page on World War I.

Capitalism is in deep trouble - the debate

9 December, 2013 - 22:16 : Downloaded 49 times

This is the audio recording of the debate that followed two presentations on the subject "Capitalism is in deep trouble, why is it so hard to struggle?".

Is capitalism decadent?

26 February, 2012 - 19:15 : Downloaded 1,635 times

What does it mean to talk about "the decadence of capitalism"? Why did it seem such a powerful argument to the generation of 1968? What is the relationship between capitalism's decadence and the ecological disaster hanging over us? This and other questions are addressed in the following discussion.

Discussion with Chris Knight on the origins of humanity, part 2

1 November, 2011 - 18:10 : Downloaded 1,234 times

See also: "Discussion with Chris Knight on the origins of humanity, part 1".

In this second instalment of the discussion with Chris Knight at the ICC's 19th International Congress, we examine various aspects of human evolution, and the theories that have aimed to explain it. In particuler, the discussion looks at the role of the aquatic environment - lakeside, riverside, or sea shore - in the evolution of humanity, at the problems posed in explaining the rapid growth in human brain size, and at the evolution of the hunter-gatherer lifestyle.

Discussion with Chris Knight on the origins of humanity, part 1

25 September, 2011 - 00:00 : Downloaded 1,481 times

See also: "Discussion with Chris Knight on the origins of humanity, part 2".

At its recent International Congress, the ICC invited anthropologist Chris Knight (author of the book "Blood Relations") to take part in the discussions an in particular to contribute to our debate on the question of "Marxism and Science". During the Congress, Chris took part in an informal discussion with a member of the translation team, which we have recorded here.