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Reply to the Communist League of Tampa: Why communists oppose participation in bourgeois elections

We are publishing here a critique of the article ‘Towards a communist electoral strategy’ which recently appeared on the website of the Communist League of Tampa (in Florida, USA). We have already published previous correspondence between ourselves and the CLT, in which we welcomed their recognition of the necessity for a world communist party, while also highlighting some of the key differences between our Current and the CLT regarding the conception of the ‘mass party’, the question of whether the communist party takes power, and the relevance of the old social democratic programmes to the communist project today. With the publication of the article ‘Towards a communist electoral strategy’ by Donald Parkinson, these differences seem to have widened, or at least become clearer. A comparable process seems to be underway in the relationship between the Tampa group and its Miami affiliate, which has now changed its name to the Workers’ Offensive Group and has adopted a statement of positions which are much more in line with those of the communist left. At the same time, the Miami group has declared that it wants to maintain the discussion with the group in Tampa. We support this decision and want the discussion between ourselves and Tampa to continue as well: hence the present contribution, which we hope will stimulate a response from the Tampa group and others.

Once again on the party and its relation to the class

We publish here a second letter to the Tampa Communist League, in response to DP's reply on TCL's website to our previous letter. For us the last two questions – the relationship between activity and period, and the principal lessons of the Russian revolution regarding party and power – are probably the most important ones for further debate.

The Communist League of Tampa and the question of the party

We are publishing here a letter written by the ICC in response to an article published on the website of the Communist League of Tampa, a group which has appeared recently in the USA ("Why we need a world party"). In the interests of public debate among revolutionaries, the comrades asked us to publish our letter on our website and informed us that they are working on a reply which will in turn be published on their site.

Solidarity appeal for the renovation of Gondolkodó Autonóm Antikvárium (Gondolkodó Autonomous Bookshop), Budapest

We publish below an appeal by the Hungarian bookshop Gondolkodó Autonóm Antikvárium that we received with the request to support them and to spread the appeal. The ICC has known and appreciated this bookshop for more than 15 years. Our press is available at this address, as well as a lot of other internationalist publications in different languages. We have also been able to take part in different discussions organised in Budapest by the bookshop. In fact it is one of the rare bookshops with this proletarian (and not left bourgeois) focus in the East Central European region, even though we don’t know if it is the only one which has been functioning continuously for many years as the comrades write in their appeal.

Enternasyonalist Komünist Sol dissolves to join the International Communist Current

We want to inform our readers with great happiness that as a result of deep discussions held with patience we have been integrated into the International Communist Current and formed the section of the International Communist Current in Turkey named Dünya Devrimi by dissolving our previous group, Enternasyonalist Komünist Sol.

Welcome to the ICC’s new sections in Turkey and the Philippines

Our last international congress, for the first time in a quarter century, was able to welcome the delegations of different groups that stood clearly on internationalist class position. Since then, the discussions with the comrades of EKS and Internasyonalismo led them to pose their candidature to join the ICC, given their growing agreement with our positions.

Open letter to Loren Goldner

The open letter published here is in response to the interview between Loren Goldner and the Korean group Sanosin, concerning the history and present condition of the communist left. In a very brief exchange of mails, Loren has not objected to the publication of the letter, considering that "Your letter is fair and I see no need to respond at this time".

ICC web sites in Turkish and Hungarian

The ICC has just opened web sites in Turkish and Hungarian, containing our Platform and Basic Positions. We would like to thank the comrades of the Enternasyonalist Komünist Sol and Barikád Kollektíva for the translations which have allowed us to give our readers in these languages access to the positions of the communist left.

We would also like to thank the comrades of the Internasyonalismo group for making available the translation in Filipino of the ICC's pamphlet on the decadence of capitalism (Pagbulusok-pababa ng kapitalismo).

Report on the conference in Korea, October 2006

The fact that today a conference of communist internationalists has been called in the East, by an organisation which explicitly identifies with the communist left, is an event of historic importance for the working class. It holds the promise - perhaps for the first time in history - of building a real unity between the workers of East and West. Nor is it an isolated event: on the contrary, it is a part of a slow world wide awakening to consciousness of the proletariat and its political minorities.

“International Conference of revolutionary Marxism” in Korea

In October 2006, the Korean group "Socialist Political Alliance" called a conference in the towns of Seoul and Ulsan under the title "International Conference of revolutionary Marxism" , with the explicit purpose of reinforcing the presence of Left Communist positions within the Korean working class and its political minorities.

The conference in Korea was the first of its kind in the history of the workers' movement of that country and indeed in the whole of East Asia. That such a conference should be called today, in a country still divided by the consequences of the imperialist war launched more than 50 years ago, is an event of the greatest importance. It opens a perspective for the development of the international unity of the workers' movement between East and West for the first time since the brief experience of the Third International. However modestly, it heralds the appearance on the historical stage of the proletariat of the East.

Polemic with Aufheben: An attack on the theory of decadence is an attack on Marxism

The Aufheben review has published, in its second issue, and article that claims that: “The theory of capitalist decline or the decadence of capitalism hinders the project of abolishing that system.” The ICC is targeted in particular, since our organisation bases its defence of the interests of the working class in present day conditions on the understanding that capitalism is in its decadent phase.


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