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Welcome to the new ICC sections in Peru and Ecuador

We are very pleased to announce the formation of two new sections of the ICC, in Peru and Ecuador.

The constitution of a new section of our organisation is always a very important event for us. First because it is further evidence of the capacity of the world proletariat, despite its difficulties, to give rise to revolutionary minorities on an international scale; and secondly because it means that our organisation is able to strengthen its global presence.

Class struggles in Peru

A comrade from Lima who is corresponding and discussing regularly with our organisation has already sent us an article on the miners’ strike in Peru last April and has now sent us an update with further news of the teachers’ strike there and of workers’ struggles in Chile. We warmly welcome his efforts. It’s vitally important to rapidly circulate information, experiences, lessons regarding the workers’ struggles developing across the world.

Revival in workers’ militancy

There are increasing signs of a world-wide revival of the class struggle. In the last issue of World Revolution we wrote about the wave of strikes that has swept across Egypt in recent months, where workers have shown a very high level of class solidarity. In May/June we have seen, among other things: Buenos Aires metro workers holding general assemblies and organising a strike against a pay deal agreed by their own union; new spontaneous walk-outs in three Airbus plants in Germany against the threatened job cuts (these follow similar strikes at Airbus France); further wildcats by Italian airport workers, Canadian transport workers, and a whole number of sectors in Zimbabwe, where workers are demanding pay rises in the face of a level of inflation that means nothing short of starvation.

Miners’ strike in Peru

The miner’s strike in Peru is a fact. The miners that work for the Chinese company Shougang began their strike three weeks ago. The struggle has spread to all the mining centres in the country. Inevitably, for the moment, the unions have carried out their reactionary role, especially the union at the countries largest mine...
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