Welcome to the new ICC sections in Peru and Ecuador

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We are very pleased to announce the formation of two new sections of the ICC, in Peru and Ecuador.

The constitution of a new section of our organisation is always a very important event for us. First because it is further evidence of the capacity of the world proletariat, despite its difficulties, to give rise to revolutionary minorities on an international scale; and secondly because it means that our organisation is able to strengthen its global presence.

The formation of two new sections of the ICC is taking place in a situation where the working class has, since 2003, begun to recover from the long period of retreat in its consciousness and its militancy that followed the events of 19891. This recovery has been expressed by a whole series of struggles which show a growing awareness of the impasse facing world capitalism and by the emergence, on an international scale, of internationalist minorities looking for contact among themselves, posing many questions, searching for a revolutionary coherence and debating the perspectives for the development of the class struggle. Part of this milieu has turned to the positions of the communist left and some of these elements have joined our organisation. Thus in 2007 an ICC nucleus was created in Brazil. In 2009 we greeted the creation of two new sections of the ICC in the Philippines and Turkey.

The two new sections are also the product of a sustained effort by our organisation and its militants to take part in political discussion and clarification, to make links wherever there are groups or individuals searching for communist ideas, whether or not they enter our organisation.

Our new sections were, before joining us, groups of this kind, whether they turned straight away towards political clarification around the positions of the ICC, as in Ecuador, or whether they came from different political backgrounds, as in Peru. In both cases, they developed through discussion with other political forces as well as through systematic discussion with the ICC on the basis of its platform. They always had a commitment to taking position on the major events of the international and national situation2. Today, they continue to evolve in a milieu which is very rich in contacts.

Based in South America, these two new sections will reinforce the intervention of the ICC in the Spanish language, and its presence in Latin America where the ICC was already present in Venezuela, Mexico and Brazil.

The whole of the ICC send a warm and fraternal greeting to these new sections and the comrades who form them.

ICC, April 2012

1 The collapse of Stalinism which gave rise to huge bourgeois campaigns which, once again, fraudulently identified communism and the form of state capitalism which developed in the eastern countries in the wake of the degeneration of the Russian revolution.

2 Some of these statements have been published in Accion Proletaria, the ICC’s paper in Spain, and on ICC Online in the Spanish language


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