Imperialist tension in Asia

Spratly Conflict: Workers of the Philippines and China, Unite!

"Workers of the world, unite!" This is the truth and reality under a capitalist system. We, the workers have no national interest, or nationality to side with and defend as an internationalist class. Where ever and part of the world we may be, we are exploited and oppressed by the capital and the local state.

Launch of ballistic missile by India: Another act in militarization in Asia

On 19th April 2012, the Indian bourgeoisie launched Agni-V, its version of an intercontinental ballistic missile, and gave another boost to the already raging arms race in Asia.  With this test India joined the select club of global imperialist gangsters who possess intercontinental ballistic missiles. Agni-V is supposed to have a range of 5000KM and is supposed to be capable of hitting Shanghai and Beijing.

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