Primitive communism and the emergence of the human

Two articles examine the role of women in the emergence of human culture and solidarity. The ideas developed here are based on a critical approach to the work of French economist Christophe Darmangeat and British anthropologist Chris Knight.

Prehistory: a contribution to the discussion

Following the publication of the two part article on women's role in the emergence of culture and human solidarity as a result of the evolution of the human species, the aptly named comrade "Baboon", who has made frequent contributions to (for example) the forum discussions on this site, has sent us this critical article. We are very glad to publish it on this site because it provides both an unusually well-documented investigation of the evolution of homo erectus in particular, and because we hope that its critical viewpoint will stimulate debate on the emergence of primitive communist, human, society.

At the end of Baboon's article, we also publish a reply from the author of the original articles on the subject.

Women's role in the emergence of human solidarity

In the first part of this article, published in the International Review n°150, we considered the role of women in the emergence of culture among our species Homo sapiens. In this second, and final, part we propose to examine what we feel to be one of the most fundamental problems posed by primitive communist society: how did the evolution of the genus Homo produce a species whose very survival is based on mutual confidence and solidarity, and more particularly what was woman’s role in this process.

Woman's role in the emergence of human culture

Why write about primitive communism today? The sudden plunge into catastrophic economic crisis and the development of struggles around the world are raising new problems for the working class, dark clouds are gathering over capitalism’s future, and all the while the hope of a better world seems unable to break through. Is this really the time to study our species’ social history in the period from its emergence some 200,000 years ago to the beginning of the Neolithic (about 10,000 years ago)?

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