Internasyonalismo leaflet: Resist capitalist attacks! Spread the struggle!

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What is happening to the workers of Giardini del Sole is also happening in many factories, not only in Cebu, not only in the Philippines, but also around the world. In fact our brothers/sisters in America are the first to suffer the attacks of the capitalists - retrenchments, rotation of work, reduction of working days and reduction of wages and benefits.

Why are these happening? Because the capitalist system that rules the country and the world is currently in acute crisis of over-production. It means, there are so many unsold products in the world market. There is over-production because in capitalism we produced beyond our capacity to consume; beyond the capacity of our wages as slaves.

Also, capitalism reduced our wages to gain more profits. Result: we are sunk in debts that make it more difficult for us to buy the basic necessities of our production. Thus, over-production becomes more acute.

To prevent the slow death that capitalism forces on us through retrenchments, rotation of work and reduction of wages and benefits, we need to struggle. To prevent the attacks of the capitalists we need to unite and help each other in different factories/companies. No one helps us other than our own class brothers/sisters. We cannot expect anything from the government, Department of Labour and politicians. All of them are instruments and collude with the capitalist class. We cannot expect anything from TIPC1 or any tripartite meetings between us, capitalists and government. We cannot expect a bailout from a corrupt, debt-ridden and rabidly pro-capitalist government.

Our only hope is our unity and to spread our struggle in several factories!

The government and capitalists want us to sacrifice, to accept retrenchments, rotation of work, reduction of working days and reduction of wages and benefits and to suffer more to save the exploitative system! This is a defeat because what we need as slaves of capitalism are PERMANENT work, ADEQUATE wages and HUMAN conditions of work!

If workers struggle in several factories, there is a strong possibility that we can defend our jobs and salaries. WE SHOULD NOT SACRIFICE TO SAVE CAPITALISM FROM ITS CRISIS!

But if we are fragmented and act separately in our different factories, if we let our brothers/sisters in one or two companies struggle on their own, the capitalists can win and we are forced to shoulder the crisis they themselves created!

We should unite in assemblies where all workers could participate. Regular and contractual, unionists and not, we are all members of the WORKERS' ASSEMBLIES. These are the only form of organization for our struggle. We ourselves should discuss and decide for our future and not the few!

Even if we accept the sacrifices, these cannot solve the crisis of the rotten system. Instead, it becomes worse. The problem resides in the nature itself of capitalism and there is no solution to the crisis of over-production. The ultimate solution is to OVERTHROW capitalism and replace it with a system for us as workers. A system which we are not slaves anymore of the capitalists.


1 TIPC - Tripartite Industrial Peace Council


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