Letter of the ICC to the group called the “Internal Fraction of the ICC”

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To all the Parisian members of the group called the “Internal Fraction of the ICC”

We took note of your text published on your web site in which you support a "Declaration", dated October 2nd 2004, of a "Circulo de Comunistas Internacionalistas", which is presented in the form of a successor of the NCI of Argentina, to denounce the "ignominy" of "these bastards" (according to your own words) who direct the ICC. In this text, you denounce slanders of which you have been victims and that were used to justify your exclusion from our organisation. The "Declaration" of October 2nd, which you published in three languages, affirms that our charges related to your political behaviour are null and void with the following argument: "the charges of the ICC against the Internal Fraction (…) are not based on an independent investigation".

So that our charges can be examined by an authority independent of the ICC, we reiterate once again the proposal we made to you during your exclusion: we ask you to ensure your defence in front of a Jury of Honour by addressing a formal and public letter to the other groups of the Communist Left explicitly asking for their participation in such a Jury. As soon as you make this step, we will transmit to the members of this Jury of Honour all the elements of the file we hold concerning your intrigues at the centre of the ICC, and that it will rest on each one of you to refute in front of this authority of the proletarian political milieu.

You will find on our Internet site an article (which we published in 1996), based on the experience of the workers’ movement, which recalls the duty of communist militants to convene a revolutionary tribunal each time that they estimate themselves to be victims of slanders or that their honour and their probity are called into question (as you affirm that it is your case today).

The ICC,


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