Address to revolutionaries

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(Issued at the founding conference of the group Internationalisme, Belgian section of the International Communist Current)

After several months of discussion leading to an agreement about class frontiers, about the fundamental political positions which have come out of the proletarian struggle, three groups - Revolutionnaire Raden Socialisten (Antwerp), Vrije Raden Socialisten (Ghent) and Journal des Lutte de Classe (Brusselles) - decided to dissolve themselves as separate groups to form a single organization in Belgium called Internationalisme.

In the present period of acute crisis, which will lead either to the proletarian revolution or the prolongation of capitalist barbarism into a third world war, the task of revolutionaries is to aid the constitution of a centralized organization at an international level in order to help generalize communist struggles and revolutionary consciousness within the working class.

The conference considering that:

- the destruction of capitalism as a transitory mode of production is the work of the proletariat itself, the only class which is both able and compelled to overthrow capitalism

- in this task the proletariat has no other weapons but its consciousness and its ability to organize

- the political organization of the proletariat contributes to the development of consciousness within the class and the workers’ councils – the expression of its unity - are the instruments for the seizure of power and the wielding of its dictatorship

- the destruction of capitalism is not a local or a national problem but involves all the countries of the world because capitalism is a world system and the proletariat a world class; this demands the theoretical and practical co-operation of the most advanced revolutionary forces

CALLS on all revolutionaries and revolutionary groups who agree on the basic class frontiers to regroup themselves around a coherent revolutionary pole organized on a world scale. It is towards the constitution of this pole that the greatest efforts of the groups who make up the International Communist Current are dedicated. Thus we call on all revolutionaries who understand their responsibilities to their class to unite their efforts with, and around the ICC, and to organize themselves in order to make it an indispensable weapon for the triumph of the communist revolution.

Long live the world revolution!

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