Greetings to Internationalisme

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The International Communist Current greets the formation of a unified group in Belgium and the integration of this group into the ICC. The ICC sees these developments as an outgrowth of the deepening international crisis felt more and more strongly each day by revolutionaries who are trying to regroup their forces nationally and internationally so as to be able to assume their responsibilities more fully in the international struggle of the proletariat.

The formation of the section in Belgium is particularly significant for several reasons:

* the importance of this highly industrialized country whose proletariat has a long tradition in the struggle of the class

* the central geographic location of Belgium at the crossroads of Europe

* the inclusion of the important Flemish working class sector of the country whose language will enable the ICC to extend its work towards Holland, Scandinavia and Germany.

The ICC is convinced of the important role that the section in Belgium will play in the overall framework of the Current’s work.

The ICC considers that revolutionaries should give particular attention to the experience of the unification process of the groups in Belgium. The attitude of the Belgian militants during this entire process was based on a genuine revolutionary will and an awareness of the need for an organized regroupment of revolutionary forces on the basis of fundamental revolutionary principles.

The entire ICC should carefully consider this rich and positive experience when following through its work towards the international regroupment of revolutionaries This experience is an illustration of the need to over­come localistic tendencies, to go beyond the false alternatives of sterile monolithism or empirical eclecticism which come from the long period of counter-revolution and which weigh heavily on revolutionary elements today.

Resolution adopted by the ICC

November, 1975

Development of proletarian consciousness and organisation: