Capitalism in meltdown: is there a working class response?

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International Communist Current Public forum

Capitalism in meltdown: is there a working class response?

7.30 pm, Tuesday 20 September, Lucas Arms, 245A Grays Inn Road, London, WC1X 8QY

This forum will focus on some of the most important developments in the world situation in the last few months:

-       the deepening of the ‘debt crisis’, now hitting not only weaker countries like Greece but the world’s most powerful economy, the USA

-       the explosion of social protests across North Africa, Spain, Greece, and most recently Israel

-       the war in Libya

-       the riots in Britain.

We will try to show that all these events have a common root: the historic dead-end reached by capitalism. We will try to discuss both the dangers and the potential in the situation, focusing on questions such as:


-       does capitalism have any way out of the current crisis, or is it actually reaching the terminal stages of its decline?

-       What is the class nature of the revolts, demonstrations and assemblies we have seen in the recent period?

-       How did the protests in Libya get diverted into an imperialist war?

-       Do the riots in Britain contain the potential for a movement against capitalism?

Short presentation followed by open discussion. All welcome

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