Death of Comrade Enzo: A painful loss for the ICC

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It is very painful for us to tell our readers and contacts about the death of our comrade Enzo on Sunday 15 May. Although we knew he was ill, nothing prepared us for such a sudden and tragic end. The news of his death hit everyone like a bolt out of the blue, leaving us stunned and also with the regret that we were not able to be with him in the last moments of his life.

A number of contacts in Italy knew Enzo and have expressed the same sorrow about his death. They knew him not just as a communist militant but as someone who, in his political activity, in his interventions at public meetings, in discussions, was so well able to express his own pain at the sufferings capitalism inflicts on the human species, often with tears in his eyes. Enzo was a young proletarian who had lived through exploitation, redundancy and unemployment but who was at the same time convinced that it is possible to react, to fight against all this barbarism and build a truly human society. His militant activity in the ICC was always characterised by this conviction, and his determination, even in very difficult circumstances, to contribute to this fight. His death is a loss for the ICC and for the whole working class.

We want to convey our deepest solidarity with Enzo’s family, his parents, and his friends in a very bitter moment for us all, and to reaffirm our determination to carry on with the struggle for a human society which Enzo stood for.

ICC 19/5/11