WR price rise: Appeal to readers

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Readers will have seen that with this issue of World Revolution both the cover price and subscription charges to our press have increased. Such an increase is dictated by the ever-rising costs of producing our press and distributing it all over the world. The decision to raise the price was not taken lightly; indeed this is the first increase in over a decade (see WR 197). But we know that buying a communist publication is itself a political act, and buying it regularly already expresses a certain commitment to the cause that it defends. We are therefore confident that our readers will not only understand the financial necessities involved, but actively support the development of our press. We urge comrades to continue, or begin, to subscribe to the revolutionary press and where able take extra copies to sell. Although the price of the subscription barely covers our costs it allows our organisation to husband its resources in order to intervene more effectively in the class struggle. Payment of the subscription is a direct expression of support for, and defence of, communist positions. Please help us with this work.

We end this appeal with a statement from the pages of Bilan, which has never been more appropriate:

"Once again, we are calling for the support of all our readers. Our press can only live if it gets the support of all those communists who understand the necessity for an intense effort of political clarification. Let every militant help us distribute Bilan and make the necessary financial effort of subscriptions and donations. Our fraction has always known perfectly well that the regular publication of the review would require substantial funds relative to its resources but we have based ourselves on the spirit of sacrifice of all those militants who feel the gravity of the present situation, and who are ready for the enormous effort of understanding that is demanded if we are to prepare for the struggles of tomorrow.


Let our readers help us then, by sending donations and by helping us distribute the press".

WR 4/10/8

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