Correspondence with Antagonism

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London, 6/7/04.

Dear Antagonism,

On your website we see that you have some material on Stinas and Castoriadis. Under "Articles by or about Stinas" you mention the Trotskyists of Revolutionary History but not the ICC. In fact, in 1993 in International Review 72 we published some extracts from Stinas' Memoires together with an introduction that showed the evolution of Stinas and the ICU that lead to the final break with Trotskyism in 1947.

In the material on Castoriadis you refer to "a very favourable obituary". A more critical notice appeared in World Revolution 213 (April 1998) under the title "Bourgeoisie pays homage to one of its servants".

Under the heading "Revolutionary Opposition to World War Two" you mention the books on The Italian Communist Left 1926-46 and The Dutch and German Communist Left. These were originally published in French by the ICC when the author was one of our militants. They were conceived, prepared, discussed and published as the collective work of the ICC with the complete agreement of the author. He has not been in the ICC since 1990 and any subsequent editions and 'correction' of the books have been linked to his political evolution.

For communism,

World Revolution, Section in Britain of the ICC.