Communique to our readers (2002)

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The ICC has just excluded one of its members. Such a measure is not often taken by our organisation. The last exclusion of a member of the ICC goes back to 1995 and the previous one took place in 1981. We only apply such a sanction when we are faced with extremely serious faults, and this is why we generally accompany it with a communiqué in the press because we consider that the element being sanctioned represents a danger not just for our organisation but for the whole proletarian political milieu and the sympathisers of the communist left.

The element who is being excluded, Jonas (who also signed articles in our press with the initials JE) has in fact behaved in a way totally unworthy of a communist militant. We reproduce here extracts from the resolution the organisation has adopted on this matter:

Jonas presented his resignation in May 2001 with the argument that his health did not permit him to carry on the political combat in our organisation when the latter was, according to him, threatened by an ‘enterprise of demolition’. In reality, the ICC has noted that while Jonas retired from the organisation, he by no means ceased all activity towards our organisation. On the contrary, it has been established that this ‘retirement’ was only a means to carry out, secretly and with impunity, an activity hostile to the ICC, in particular:

- blaming its militants and setting them against each other, by attributing some of them and the central organs with the responsibility of aggravating his health problems;

- taking advantage of his political authority and the sympathy he had acquired to incite a certain number of the organisation’s militants to rebel against its decisions and discipline, pushing them into a destructive and suicidal political dynamic;

- circulating, both inside and outside the ICC, a whole series of extremely grave accusations against a certain number of militants, while at the same time refusing to meet with, or even recognise, the commission charged with examining accusations of this type;

- refusing to meet any delegation of the organisation charged with communicating the accusations against him so that he could present his defence, while he had nothing more to say about a document transmitted to him at the beginning of December 2000 which already described behaviour on his part which was absolutely unacceptable and hostile to the ICC”

One of the most intolerable and repulsive aspects of his behaviour is the veritable campaign he has waged against a member of the organisation - accusing them in the corridors and even in front of people outside the organisation of manipulating those around them and the central organs on behalf of the police, and of only having participated in previous combats for the defence of the organisation to divert suspicions, while in fact being an accomplice of Simon (an adventurer expelled from the ICC in 1995), with whom in some way there was a “division of labour”.

It can happen that a sincere militant of a communist organisation, rightly or wrongly, can have suspicions towards another militant. It is then up to that militant to raise the issue with the organs which the organisation has given itself to deal with questions of this type and which can then examine the elements upon which the suspicion is based with a maximum of attention, prudence and discretion. But this was not the attitude of Jonas. In fact he categorically refused to meet the commission charged with examining this kind of problem while continuing to distil his poison.

We should make it clear that the ICC member accused by Jonas of being a “cop and an accomplice of Simon” asked that there should be a detailed inquiry about them, in order to be able to continue as a militant in the ICC’s ranks. This inquiry came to the formal conclusion that there was absolutely no basis for the accusation and exposed its lying, malicious character. This did not prevent Jonas from carrying on with his slanders.

The fact that Jonas refused to meet the ICC to explain his behaviour in itself constitutes proof that he is conscious of having become an enemy of our organisation despite his theatrical declarations to ‘his comrades’, whom in reality he presents (with the exception of those he has dragged along with him) either as ‘cops’, or as ‘Torquemadas’ or as poor ‘manipulated’ cretins”.

Today Jonas has become a bitter enemy of the ICC and is behaving in a manner worthy of an agent provocateur. We don’t know what his underlying motives are, but we are quite sure that he represents a danger for the proletarian political milieu.

ICC, 24/2/02

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