America bombs Pakistan: business as usual

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Within four days of his inauguration speech Barack Obama had authorised the bombing of targets in Pakistan. He had already advocated such attacks before US started the latest phase of its military campaign last July. Following an inaugural speech, in which he unambiguously declared to America's enemies "We will defeat you", he sanctioned the launching of missiles from Predator drones on two targets in Waziristan in which 22 people died. He has warned the US public that there will be an increase in American military casualties as he steps up actions in Afghanistan and Pakistan. US military strength in Afghanistan will be doubled to 60,000.

For Obama to confirm his commitment to the military core of American imperialism at the start of his reign is a warning to the rest of the world. For all that he spoke of ‘change' in his campaign, there is clear continuity with the Bush regime. America will continue to use its military power to defend its interests. In this the only thing that makes the US exceptional is the scale it can operate on. Every single capitalist state resorts to force to defend the interests of its ruling class. Whether it's Iran or North Korea developing missiles, China building an aircraft carrier, the Sri Lanka army sweeping across the north of the country, or any of the many factions fighting in the DR Congo, Sudan or Somalia - capitalism means war.  

Car 6/2/9


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