Best years of your life?

It’s not much fun being young at the moment. If you manage to stay in education you end up accruing large debts only to be told standards are slipping and the only reason you’ve passed is because the exams are so easy now. On the street you’re either patronised as a ‘chav’ or feared as a ‘hoodie’. Everything from the summer riots to cultural decline is down to you and your self obsessed, greedy individualism: you just can’t win.

What future for the young in capitalism?


The attacks we face are class-wide, across the board, attacks on the young, but also on pensions, job losses in the public and private sector, attacks on benefits for the unemployed and the sick, but also benefits needed by families in work (child benefit, Sure Start grants, housing benefit). They are attacks orchestrated by the state on behalf of the entire capitalist class. And they aren’t going to stop – capitalism is in an impasse and can only come back for more attacks again and again.

Young Searching Elements in the Philippines

Internasyonalismo welcomes the leaflet of KASOKU or Youth for Socialism and Communism, a group of students in the Philippines on the issue of charter change.

This group of young people is beginning to search for theoretical clarification under an environment dominated by Leftist ideologies of all varieties. Comrades in the Philippines have some opportunity to discuss with some of its members.

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