Terrorist attacks in Mumbai

The Terrorist Slaughter in Mumbai

The terrorist slaughter in Mumbai at the end of November 2008 left nearly 190 people dead. On the first night of the attack, within few minutes, 70-80 migrant workers waiting for a long distance train on CST railway station were butchered. When the slaughter finally ended on 29th Nov 2008, there were more than 100 rotting dead bodies of hotel employees and guests scattered all over the attacked hotels and other buildings.

Mumbai massacre: Growing tensions between India and Pakistan fuel terrorist atrocities

The horrific attacks on people in Mumbai, at a hospital, in a café and hotels, at a Jewish centre, and at random bystanders in a railway station, was soon headlined "India's 9/11" across the world.This comparison had a definite significance: it contains the implicit threat that India's status as ‘victim' would be used to justify putting pressure on, or even renewing conflict with, Pakistan.

Once again the SWP chooses its imperialist camp

From a working class point of view denouncing the terrorist attacks on people in Mumbai and the repression of the Indian state is the absolute ABC of class politics. To oppose the division of the working class and reject support for any imperialism is a fundamental responsibility for revolutionaries. In contrast to this internationalist approach the Socialist Workers Party has made it very clear which side of the Indo-Pakistan conflict it supports.

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