Persecution of Gypsies in France and Europe

The new ‘Socialist’ government in France came to power with the slogan “the change is now”. But like the previous government, the new one has made use of the summer period to mobilise its cops against gypsies. The forces of repression carried out a real manhunt in the suburbs of Lille and Lyon. Nothing like the summer holidays, when so many people are away, to push through such brutal measures with less risk of any reaction from the population.

Islamophobia, Jihadism, capitalism: same enemy!

Anders Breivik’s minute by minute account of how he slaughtered dozens of teenagers at last year’s Norwegian Labour Party summer camp makes sickening reading. Breivik’s trial has given rise to much debate about whether he is sane or not, whether he acted alone or is part of an organised fascist network, or whether he should be allowed to use the Oslo court as a platform for his political philosophy.

EDL: Anti-fascist fronts are not the answer

The English Defence Leagues protest against a 'super mosque' in Dudley is the latest in a line of planned and actual protests by the EDL which has resulted in a degree of publicity in the national media. This article looks at the EDL and examins ways workers can defend themselves against racism and looks at the trap of anti-fascism 
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