Nationalism on the left & right

One Nation, Two Classes

After a summer festooned with Union Jacks for the Queen’s Jubilee and the Olympics, Ed Miliband’s catchphrase at the Labour Party conference was “One Nation”. Faced with the increasingly nasty face of the reigning Tories, Red- White- and- Blue Ed took on the mantle of Disraeli to proclaim that it’s the Tories with their vicious austerity policies who are waging class war, and it’s Labour who are the true patriots.

The anti-state option

The massive street protests in Israel seem, for the moment at any rate, to have gone into retreat; the social question, which they raised so noisily around issues of housing, inflation, and unemployment, is once again being sidelined by the national question.

Euro elections: nationalism of Left and Right

In the lead up to the local and European elections, great play has been made of the threat posed by the British National Party. It is true that the BNP represent a particularly odious form of racism. When it comes to campaigning in the EU elections on the basis of out and out nationalism, the left is not be outdone by the right. No2EU, a coalition initiated by the RMT union, supported by various leftist groups, serves up its own brand of nationalist policies.
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