Lindsey oil refinery strike

Anti-immigrant violence in Italy is a product of despair

At the beginning of January, in Rosarno, a town of 15,000 people in Calabria in the south of Italy, there were violent confrontations between local and immigrant workers, a pure expression of a society in decomposition.When workers fight for their own demands, the way is open to overcoming all such divisions and offering real hope for the future.

Construction workers at the centre of the class struggle

Daily we are told that we have to tighten our belts, accepts jobs losses, pay cuts, lose of pensions, increased work rates for the good of the national economy, to help it cope with the deepening recession. At British Airways they have even pressured workers to work for nothing for a whole month, with the threat of unemployment hanging over them...

G20 and world economic crisis: The state can’t save us!

Now the G20 London Summit is over, what is the message that the rulers of the earth is they can deal with the economic catastrophe facing the capitalist system.The present crisis of overproduction, however, has its roots not, as the economic experts claim, in any kind of temporary ‘imbalance' in the world economy, but in the basic social relations of capitalism.

Oil refineries’ strikes: ‘For’ or ‘against’, leftists undermine the struggle

As the wave of unofficial solidarity strikes spread from the Lindsey oil refinery to other refineries, power stations, gas and electricity plants, a gas terminal, steel and chemical works, the media ensured that the ‘British jobs for British workers' slogan was mentioned at every opportunity, regardless of the fact that it wasn't actually one of the workers' demands. Some leftist groups, however, insisted that the short-lived movement only had a nationalist dynamic.
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