leftist illusions

The left in Greece offers no prospects for the working class

After June’s election in Greece, President Obama hailed the result as an opportunity for a new government to “continue on the path of reform and do so in a way that also offers the prospects for the Greek people to succeed and prosper.” This has a very hollow ring as the new coalition is politically little different to the coalition that ruled from last November to the elections in May.

Leftists fuel bourgeois campaigns about ‘revolution’

Whether you get your news from the papers, TV or online you won't have missed headlines about an 'Egyptian Revolution.' What's happened in Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan and Yemen has shown that people from many social strata are fed up with the conditions they live in and are rebelling en masse against those who enforce them. The fact that this movement has affected a number of countries is very exciting, but it does not amount to a revolution.

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