Labour Party

However it’s funded the ‘labour movement’ serves capitalism

The familiar arguments over the link between the trade unions and the Labour Party have been wheeled out in the latest episode of a tedious soap opera ... The Unite union was accused of cramming the Falkirk constituency with new members, a little bending of the rules to install one of its favoured candidates.

'Social democracy' is still anti-working class

The operation that Ed Miliband had to tackle a deviated septum in his nose has not altered the nasal quality of his speech. The content of his speeches has not changed much either since he was elected Labour leader last year. Then we said (WR 338) that his lack of political baggage allowed him to “be all things to all people, and gives him a great deal of room for manoeuvre if the political and economic situation gets more difficult.

‘Red Ed’: a good choice for the bourgeoisie

According to many of the bourgeoisie’s journalists the Labour party has thrown away the opportunity to elect a mature, serious leader in the form of David Milliband and instead chosen his younger brother, nicknamed by the press ‘Red Ed’. These journalists and political analysts seem to think that the Blair years of ‘New Labour’ provide the paradigm for judging everything, without observing that recent developments at the economic level have substantially changed the situation. The bourgeoisie have to prepare for the future, not look to the past.

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