Anti-Islam film and Salafist demonstrations: Hatred, obscurantism and media manipulation

The film that appeared on Youtube on September 11, The Innocence of Muslims, is by all accounts a very poor and extremely stupid one, the product of a small-time Californian fraudster who claims to be a Coptic Christian. But for two weeks it was at the centre of the world’s attention.

Islamophobia, Jihadism, capitalism: same enemy!

Anders Breivik’s minute by minute account of how he slaughtered dozens of teenagers at last year’s Norwegian Labour Party summer camp makes sickening reading. Breivik’s trial has given rise to much debate about whether he is sane or not, whether he acted alone or is part of an organised fascist network, or whether he should be allowed to use the Oslo court as a platform for his political philosophy.

Mesut Özil, Angela Merkel and Islamophobia in Europe

Guus Hiddink wasn’t the only one who was a little upset after last week’s national team matches. Even though Germany won the match in Berlin, it provoked a xenophobic outburst in Angela Merkel. In this article, published by the ICC's section in Turkey, we look at the wave of Islamophobia sweeping across Europe.

Antisemitism, Islamophobia: products of a rotting society

The rise of Judaeophobia and Islamophobia are both expressions of the extreme putrefaction of capitalist society and its real ‘values'. But they cannot be opposed by the liberal wing of capitalism, which aligns itself with the democratic state and its cynical use of anti-Islamic prejudices, nor by the pseudo-revolutionary left which has chosen sides in the imperialist conflicts in the Middle East.
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