National interests are not our interests

Cameron’s veto of changes to the European Union treaty to enforce fiscal stringency and shore up the Euro has left Britain isolated, alone among the 27 member states without a seat at the table discussing the financial future of the Eurozone. Whatever the truth of the situation, the national interest is not our interest.

The communist left and internationalist anarchism, Part 1: What we have in common

For a few years now, certain anarchist individuals or groups and the ICC have overcome a number of barriers by daring to discuss in an open and fraternal way. Mutual indifference or rejection between anarchism and marxism have given way to a will to discuss,  to understand the positions of the other, and to honestly define points of agreement and disagreement.

Anarchism and imperialist war (part 4): Internationalism, a crucial question in today’s debates

Today, the crisis-ridden capitalist system is revealing the barbaric impasse which confronts humanity, and the proletariat is gradually returning to the road of struggle. In this historic situation, a new process of decantation is taking place within the milieu coming from anarchism.
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