Fuel price protests

Class struggle the only alternative to austerity and massacres

In January a six day general strike in Nigeria was one of the most extensive social movements ever to hit the country. Only 7 million are in unions but up to 10 million took part in the strike, right across Nigeria, with demonstrations in every major city involving tens of thousands overall. The strike was part of a protest against the abolition of fuel subsidies which overnight doubled the cost of not only petrol but also had a similarly massive impact on food, heating and transportation costs.

Fuel price protests: It’s not only the working class that is hit by the crisis

In response to rising fuel costs there have been many dramatic and well-publicised actions across Europe. Truckers came to London in convoys, blocked a main road and went to lobby Downing Street. Welsh hauliers threatened to blockade ports and refineries. In the Netherlands a huge truck was parked outside parliament and hauliers across the country wanted drivers to beep their car horns in solidarity.
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