English Defence League

Is there a danger of fascism today?

The electoral results achieved by the extreme right have for some time been feeding the fear of fascism election after election. And this political fringe really is distinguished by a particularly vicious, xenophobic and racist discourse…And it is also true that this discourse is reminiscent of the nauseating themes put forward by the fascist parties as they rose to power in the 1930s, particularly in Germany and Italy. Does this similarity mean that there is a danger of fascism coming to power today as it did in the 1930s?

EDL: Anti-fascist fronts are not the answer

The English Defence Leagues protest against a 'super mosque' in Dudley is the latest in a line of planned and actual protests by the EDL which has resulted in a degree of publicity in the national media. This article looks at the EDL and examins ways workers can defend themselves against racism and looks at the trap of anti-fascism 
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