Economic Crisis

'The (im)possibility of revolution'-and the need for militant political discussion

Here is a report of a meeting held recently in London entitled ‘The (im)possibility of revolution?' It was addressed by three speakers: the anthropologist Chris Knight; William Dixon, a professor of economics and former member of the old Radical Chains group; and Hillel Ticktin, a Professor of Marxist Studies in Glasgow and editor of the leftist journal Critique.

2010: workers face sweeping cuts

The relentless deepening of the crisis and the vast burden of debt weighing on the British economy mean that the ruling class - whichever of its factions are in government in the coming year - will have no choice but to make savage cuts in working class living standards.

Despite 'recovery' propaganda the economic crisis continues

The present ‘recession' is not unique to Britain. It is not the result of Labour's mismanagement of the economy. It is not caused by the greed of the bankers or by ‘neo-liberal' economic policies. It is a crisis of capitalist relations of production on a global scale. And this is why all the propaganda about ‘recovery' is a lie, aimed at obscuring the real bankruptcy of this system of exploitation.

20 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall the bourgeoisie is keeping a low profile

The fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 unleashed a huge campaign about the collapse of communism and the triumph of capitalism. The real development of the world situation, above all the present economic crisis,  is showing that what happened in 1989 was actually a moment in the collapse of the world capitalist system.  

The Crisis Is Not Over, Despite Rhetoric of ‘Green Shoots’

Now, after two years of depressing economic news as the so-called Great Recession  unfolded, a new consensus seems to be forming among politicians and economists around the world that the worst of the economic crisis is over. There is plenty of cold water to throw over this excitement and you don't need to be a Marxist revolutionary to put in doubt the whole fairy tale.

The myth of the "green economy"

Capitalism today requires an arsenal of ideological mystifications to survive. As a historically bankrupt social and economic system, capitalism has nothing to offer humanity except a future of misery, decay, and war.The latest mystification the world bourgeoisie has rolled out from the arsenal is the green economy.

Bangladesh, China, Spain, Britain...The working class refuses to bow down to the crisis

Not since 1929 has an economic crisis struck with such violence against the world proletariat. Everywhere, unemployment and poverty are exploding. This dramatic situation can only provoke a strong feeling of anger among workers. But to transform this anger into combativity is very difficult today.


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