Copenhagen Summit: Save the planet? No, they can't!

2009: "Copenhagen ends in failure" (Guardian, UK) "Fiasco in Copenhagen", "Grotesque conclusion", "Worse than useless" (Financial Times, UK), "A worthless summit" (The Asian Age, India), "A cold shower", "The worst agreement in history" (Liberation, France)... The international press is nearly unanimous that this supposedly historic summit was a catastrophe.

Is there a solution to the ecological disaster?

Even before the world leaders sit down at the climate change conference in Copenhagen, it has been widely predicted that it will come out with nothing concrete, binding or effective. The following article explains why we cannot expect any real solutions from those whose first concern is to maintain the present social system.

Economic crisis, ecological crisis, capitalism has no solutions: Copenhagen Conference

The reports that have accompanied the International Scientific Congress on Climate Change in Copenhagen are worse than ever.The economic crisis, though reducing the level of production, will bring further strains on the ecology of each country as it strives to remain competitive. Even the recommendations of the world's experts on climate change are trapped within the framework of capitalism.
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