Climate change

Is there a solution to the ecological disaster?

Even before the world leaders sit down at the climate change conference in Copenhagen, it has been widely predicted that it will come out with nothing concrete, binding or effective. The following article explains why we cannot expect any real solutions from those whose first concern is to maintain the present social system.

Global warming: Capitalism kills

At the beginning of June, the General Secretary of the UN, Ban Ki-Moon, published the report ‘Reducing the risks of catastrophe; world balance sheet 2009'. This document highlights the growing risk to the environment posed by global warming and by anarchic urbanisation in certain regions of the world.

Economic crisis, ecological crisis, capitalism has no solutions: Copenhagen Conference

The reports that have accompanied the International Scientific Congress on Climate Change in Copenhagen are worse than ever.The economic crisis, though reducing the level of production, will bring further strains on the ecology of each country as it strives to remain competitive. Even the recommendations of the world's experts on climate change are trapped within the framework of capitalism.

Hurricane in Haiti

We are publishing here a statement by one of our contacts in the Dominican Republic after the hurricanes which devastated neighbouring Haiti, leaving several thousand victims. It very rightly denounces the primary responsibility of capitalism in the sombre balance-sheet of catastrophes which have little that is ‘natural' about them.

Blather at Bali on climate change

At the beginning of December there was the spectacle of the Bali Conference held under the auspices of the UN. “It is the first such meeting since the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) warned that evidence for global warming was ‘unequivocal’...

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