Charter Change (cha-cha)

Young Searching Elements in the Philippines

Internasyonalismo welcomes the leaflet of KASOKU or Youth for Socialism and Communism, a group of students in the Philippines on the issue of charter change.

This group of young people is beginning to search for theoretical clarification under an environment dominated by Leftist ideologies of all varieties. Comrades in the Philippines have some opportunity to discuss with some of its members.

National Situation in the Philippines (adopted by Internasyonalismo, December 2008)

The Right faction of the Filipino bourgeoisie led by the Arroyo regime is trying very hard to hide the real state of the crisis by saying that  the Philippine economy is "not gravely" affected by the deepening world crisis of capitalism because the economic fundamentals are "still sound".

This distorted argument is ridiculous and irritating.  It misrepresents the truth behind world capitalist crisis and the complete integration of the national economy to the world economy. The purpose of the ruling faction's analysis is to protect its power and domination against its rivals who want to oust the former.

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