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Introduction to the ICConline article on the GCI's leaflet on the anti-CPE protests

The recent struggles in France against the attacks of the state are of profound significance for the working class. Not only do such struggles demonstrate positive lessons for workers, they also expose those that pretend to defend workers’ interests. Such pretenders include the Groupe Communiste Internationaliste (GCI - Internationalist Communist Group in English) who produced a leaflet that directly attacks the autonomous struggle of the working class and, backhandedly, defends the attempted union sabotage of it. A comprehensive response to the GCI’s leaflet can be found on the ICC’s website here: 

What is the GCI (Internationalist Communist Group) good for?

What use is the "Internationalist Communist Group"? If verbal radicalism could frighten the ruling class, the GCI would doubtless be at the forefront of the forces of revolution. As it is, their pretence that anything can represent a movement of resistance as long as it is "violent" does nothing but harm to the development of proletarian consciousness.

Part 4: Understanding the Decadence of Capitalism

We are continuing here the series of articles begun in International Review Nos. 48, 49, 50, which aimed to defend the analysis of the decadence of capitalism against the criticisms levelled at it by groups of the revolutionary milieu, and by the GCI in particular. In this article, we aim to develop different aspects of the decadence of the capitalist mode of production, and to answer the arguments that reject it.

Part 3: The class nature of the social democracy

Understanding the decadence of capitalism also means understanding the specific forms of proletarian struggle in our own epoch, and how they differ from those of other historical periods. The continuity that ties together the proletariat’s political organisations emerges from the comprehension of these differences.

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