The degenerated descendant of the Council Communist current of the 1930s

Is it possible to reconcile anarchism and marxism? (ICC reply to GLC - extracts)

In Révolution Internationale n°300, we only cited the two most significant anarchist tendencies, those of its two “founding fathers”, Proudhon and Bakunin. We are not unaware of the other tendencies which emerged out of this dual matrix, but we think that the development of the most significant anarchist currents has to be placed in its historical context, which will be dealt with in other articles.

Open letter to council communist militants (from Gauche Communiste Libertaire)

Our attention was attracted by an article in Révolution Internationale n°300, entitled “Council communism is not a bridge between marxism and anarchism”. We are a small group based in the Vaucluse [south of France, ed.], and we identify with libertarian marxism. In your article, you say that some parts of council communism had “an incorrect analysis of the defeat of the Russian revolution, considered (…) as a bourgeois revolution whose defeat is attributed (…) to ‘bourgeois’ conceptions defended by the Bolshevik party and by Lenin, such as the necessity of the revolutionary party”.

Death of Cornelieus Castoriadis: Bourgeoisie pays homage to one of its servants

The bourgeois press, especially in France, has made a certain amount of noise about the death of Cornelius Castoriadis. Le Monde referred to it in two successive issues (28-29 December and 30 December 1997) and devoted a full page to it under a significant title: 'Death of Cornelius Castoriadis, anti-marxist revolutionary'. This title is typical of the ideological methods of the bourgeoisie. It contains two truths wrapped around the lie that they want us to swallow. The truths: Castoriadis is dead, and he was anti-marxist. The lie: he was a revolutionary. To shore up the idea, Le Monde recalls Castoriadis' own words, "repeated until the end of his life ". "Whatever happens, I will remain first and above all a revolutionary".

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