There is only one alternative: workers' struggle to overthrow capitalism

This summer has witnessed yet another outburst of military barbarism. Just as the principal countries were counting their medals at the Olympic Games, terrorist attacks hit the Middle East, Afghanistan, Algeria, Lebanon, Turkey and India. In less than two months, 16 such attacks followed each other in a macabre dance that left scores of dead among the urban populations. In Iraq and Afghanistan, there is full-scale war. But this militarist barbarism was at its height in Georgia...


War in Georgia: all the powers are warmongers!

Once again, the Caucasus is ablaze. At the very moment that Bush and Putin were sampling little cakes in Beijing and standing side by side at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, that supposed symbol of peace and reconciliation between peoples, the Georgian president Saakashvili, the protégé of the White House, and the Russian bourgeoisie were sending their troops to carry out terrible massacres against the population in Georgia/South Ossetia.
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