Angela Merkel

The national situation in Germany

The current situation in Germany is in a sense, a concentrate of a whole series of issues of major importance in the present situation: Germany is at the heart of the refugee crisis, the rise in populism and the threat this poses to political stability, the imperialist confrontations with Russia, to name but a few. This report, adopted by the February 2016 joint conference of the ICC sections in Germany, Sweden, and Switzerland, does not claim to be complete but rather to open up a reflection on these difficult questions.

Cyprus: tax haven for the rich, poverty for the rest

On the morning of Saturday 16 March, the radio informed the million inhabitants of the island of Cyprus that a European aid plan had been agreed for the country that included the introduction of a tax of 6.75% on bank deposits up to €100,000 and 9.9% for deposits above that amount. Obviously, everyone rushed to the banks to withdraw their money. In vain!

June 2012 Euro summit: behind the illusions, another step towards disaster

This editorial article was written in July 2012, in the wake of the June summit to "save", yet again, the Euro. Six months later, the crisis is still with us as much as ever. The June summit has disappeared from the news headlines, but this analysis remains as relevant as ever.

Mesut Özil, Angela Merkel and Islamophobia in Europe

Guus Hiddink wasn’t the only one who was a little upset after last week’s national team matches. Even though Germany won the match in Berlin, it provoked a xenophobic outburst in Angela Merkel. In this article, published by the ICC's section in Turkey, we look at the wave of Islamophobia sweeping across Europe.

G20 and world economic crisis: The state can’t save us!

Now the G20 London Summit is over, what is the message that the rulers of the earth is they can deal with the economic catastrophe facing the capitalist system.The present crisis of overproduction, however, has its roots not, as the economic experts claim, in any kind of temporary ‘imbalance' in the world economy, but in the basic social relations of capitalism.

G20 Summit: The bourgeoisie is powerless faced with the economic crisis

With the economic crisis now ravaging the planet, on 15 November there was a grand international meeting, which at the time was billed as a summit to 'change the world' and bring about a radical transformation in the rules by which capitalism operates.The result? Nothing, or next to it.
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