Vietnam War

The Vietnam War was won of the bloodiest conflicts opposing the two great imperialist blocs that domainated the world in the decades that followed World War II: the USA and the USSR. It left some 55,000 Americans dead, and nearly 3 million Vietnamese

The ICC's tribute to our comrade Jerry Grevin

The loss of an esteemed and well-liked comrade is always a shock for a revolutionary organisation. In the short tribute we are publishing here, we hope to give a picture which reflects something of our comrade's life and work as a militant, while knowing only too well that words alone cannot do justice to the vitality and character of the man we knew.

International situation: notes on the history of US imperialist policy since World War II, part ii

Vietnam War: divergences on imperialist policy shake US bourgeoisie

American involvement in Vietnam began following French imperialism’s defeat in Indochina when the US moved in to pick up the pieces for the West. The strategy, again a manifestation of containment, was designed to prevent what Eisenshower’s Secretary of State Dulles had called the “domino theory” – one country after an another falling to Russian imperialism like dominoes. The aim was to transform the temporary separation of Vietnam into a northern and southern zone created by the Geneva agreements into a permanent division, as in the Korean peninsula. In this sense the American policy of subverting the Geneva agreements began under the Republican Eisenhower regime and continued under Kennedy, who began dispatching military advisers to Vietnam in the early 1960s. The Kennedy administration played an integral role in running the country, even authorising a military coup and the assassination of President Diem in 1963. The impatience of the White House with the general who delayed in assassinating Diem, has been well documented. Following the assassination of Kennedy in 1963, Johnson continued the American intervention in Vietnam, which mushroomed into America’s longest military war.

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