Machiavellianism, and the consciousness and unity of the bourgeoisie

The two articles that follow are the product of discussion that has been animating the ICC: their main aim is to investigate the bourgeoisie's level of consciousness and capacity for maneuvering in the period of decadence. This is part of the debate on the Machiavellianism of the bourgeoisie, which was one of the issues which gave rise to the ‘tendency' which left the ICC in 1981, forming a number of groups which have all since disappeared. All of them made the same critique of the ICC: we have a Machiavellian view of the bourgeoisie and a conspiratorial views of history. 

But this discussion isn't simply about the concrete question of how the bourgeoisie maneuver in its decadent period: it is also poses the more general question of what the bourgeoisie is, and what this implies for the proletariat.

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