The ‘9/11 Truth’ Movement and the Machiavellianism of the Bourgeoisie

We are publishing here a contribution to the discussion within the ICC on the significance of the events of 9/11. The comrade has some concerns that the majority position of the ICC on 9/11 accepted rather uncritically that it was an ‘inside job’, thus leaving the organization open to being associated with the ‘Let it Happen on Purpose’ wing of the ‘Truthers’ movement. Instead he thinks that the incompetence of the Bush administration had a larger role to play before and during the events.

10th Anniversary of 9/11: The Bourgeoisie Has Little to Celebrate

This September 11th marked the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Preparations for the the 10-year milestone were subdued. There was no concerted effort to whip-up a patriotic campaign as in years past. One gets the impression that if it could, the bourgeoisie would rather just skip the ceremonies altogether. There was of course a memorial service at Ground Zero. However, the assembled political leaders only read somber poetry, as the 9/11 Victims Memorial was finally unveiled at Ground Zero. While families of the dead were permitted to attend the ceremony, survivors of the attacks and First Responders were told there wasn’t room for them that day.

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