Zimbabwe: Democracy is not a goal for the workers’ struggle

Zimbabwe is descending into chaos. Inflation is higher than anywhere else in the world. Basic food items cost more than month’s or even a year’s wages. What is life like in Zimbabwe? Pretty terrible for most people. Many factories and other employers have closed as the economy has gone from bad to worse. Most of the population is trying to feed itself by growing food but the rains have not been good and hundreds of thousands are going hungry. Prices are rising by the day. Zimbabwe’s annual inflation rate is 1,700% - the highest in the world. Basic items such as bread, sugar, petrol are often not available in local shops.” (BBC news website 29/3/7). Zimbabwe once had the highest life expectancy in Africa, now it is the lowest in the world, with figures of, at most, 37 for men and 34 for women.

Reply to the SPGB's review of ‘The British Communist Left’

The SPGB in its review of the British Communist Left (Socialist Standard 1213, September 2005) shows that it has understood nothing of the question of revolutionary organisation, even after 100 years of existence. Less than half of the review actually deals with the book; the rest is an attack on the ICC. The article as a whole seeks to dismiss the communist left, yesterday and today, as irrelevant.

Barbarism in Zimbabwe: Britain's campaign of hypocrisy

In Zimbabwe, the poor in shanty towns, slums, illegal dwellings, and even some in brick houses with Court Orders against demolition, have been summarily evicted on a massive scale, leaving them with nothing. To add insult to the injury, and the inevitable deaths, this has been called Operation Murambatsvina, meaning ‘clearing out the rubbish’.

Zimbabwe and the myth of democratic change

The recent election in Zimbabwe was, according to a Guardian editorial (14/3/2) a "crime against the people". The election was "thoroughly fixed, fiddled, manipulated, and comprehensively stolen". Surveying the scene the editorial-writer found that "The evidence of massive fraud, rooted in intimidation and skulduggery of every kind, was to be found in every province, every township and every polling station. In short, the whole thing stinks."

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