Genocide in Darfur: War in the name of humanitarianism

Since its independence in 1956, the population of Sudan has known only war and poverty. But from 2003 on, the stench of blood and death has been hanging over Darfur as never before. This province of Sudan, almost as big as France, has only 200 kilometres of asphalt roads and virtually no infrastructure. But it does have oil!

Massacres in Darfur: The great powers try to hide their responsibility

In fact we can be certain about the responsibility for these crimes: it lies with the great imperialist powers and their local muscle, the Khartoum government and the rebels. It is these capitalist brigands (in particular the Chinese, the Americans and the French) and their local pawns who are behind these hateful massacres, which are indeed crimes against humanity.

Congo/Darfur: The ruling class can’t end the barbarism

Towards the end of last year, George Monbiot, celebrated opponent of ‘neo-liberalism’, announced “the resumption of the most deadly conflict since the second world war” (Guardian 14/12/04). He claimed “the civil war in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), already responsible for 3.8 million deaths” has, in his words, “started again”. Since the first eruption of the conflict in the DRC in October 1996, people have been dying from war, famine and disease...

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