Somalia: Battleground between imperialist rivals

For 15 years, Somalia has been ravaged by imperialist powers and gangs of local warlords. At the end of December, after a week of bloody confrontations, Ethiopian troops, supported by the American army, routed the battalions of the Islamic Courts, who had to flee the capital Mogadishu, taking refuge with their heavy weaponry in the surrounding areas. But the Islamists are far from defeated and are now waging guerrilla war against the Ethiopian occupation and the federal Somali government.

Somalia: U.S. Sponsored War

As 2006 came to a close the war of words between the Somali Council of Islamic Courts and the so-called Somali “transitional government” finally exploded into a full fledged military conflict. On December 24 Ethiopian troops, in support of the “government” bombed targets in Somalia controlled by the “Council”. In the days that followed an all-out military offensive by Ethiopia quickly routed the ill equipped and poorly trained Islamic military forces...
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