Chechnya: the western bourgeoisie is accomplice to the massacres

The second Chechen war, like the first one which lasted from 1994 to 1996, is plunging deeper and deeper into barbarism. Mid-January figures claim 15,000 dead on the Chechen side and 3,000 on the Russian, without counting the hundreds of thousands injured, the children mutilated, the women raped by a permanently drunk soldiery, the more than 300,000 refugees living in filth under the guns of their ‘guardians’, suffering from hunger, thirst and epidemics. And it’s not only the flesh and blood of the Chechens which is being cut or drained. Their homes are being systematically ransacked. The Russian daily Kommersant (quoted in Le Monde 21 January) reported that "carpets, audio and video equipment and other material, altogether worth millions of dollars" were found in the trucks of the elite 22nd Brigade of the ministry of the interior.

Russia: An internationalist voice against the Chechen war

We are publishing a leaflet by the Moscow anarcho-syndicalist group KRAS in response to the massacre that took place when Chechen separatists took control of a Moscow theatre last October. We don't agree with all its formulations, especially the classical anarchist ones which seem to imply that the main problem facing the working class is not the capitalist mode of production but the principle of 'Authority', or that the system can be brought down by a general strike alone. But we want to express our solidarity with its basic internationalist spirit, its opposition to a war that is against the class interests of both the Russian and the Chechen workers. We have redrafted the English translation sent to us with the aim of making it more accessible, and hope that we have not altered any of its political content. No war between the peoples - no peace between the classes!

Russian internationalists against the war in Chechnya

In WR 231 and IR 100 we published a sticker distributed in Moscow by a group of internationalists opposing the war in Chechnya. In this issue we are publishing an article written by other proletarian elements elsewhere in Russia. Although we don’t agree with all its formulations, we warmly welcome this text as further proof that, despite the Russian bourgeoisie’s efforts to flatten all criticism of its bloody imperialist adventure in the Caucasus under a steamroller of nationalist hysteria, the voices of working class internationalism continue to make themselves heard. The comrades in Russia have asked us to ‘re-translate’ their own hand-written English translation and we apologise in advance for any misreadings and mistakes, especially where Russian names are concerned.

Imperialist Tensions in the Caucasus: massacres in Chechnya

Reality has demonstrated again and again that the end of the old bloc system in no way meant an end to war and that the "new world order" promised by president Bush was nothing but a lie. Today the whole planet is militarised and armed to the teeth; there are around fifty bloody conflicts going on at the same time, conflicts in which imperialist powers large and small slug it out, while whole populations are subject to the threat of extermination and mass exodus.

Chechnya: massacres continue with the blessing of the western powers

Caught between the anvil of the local mafia gangs under Maskhalov and Bassev, who are wrangling over who controls the country, and the Russian military, often forced to join up behind one or the other, nearly two million people are hostages and victims of this new imperialist war. The bombing goes on, devastating entire villages. Yeltsin, a blood-stained buffoon who is a worthy successor to Stalin, has been using one of the classic Stalinist recipes for mass repression: you encircle an area and massacre everyone in it.

Capitalism, synonymous with chaos and barbarism (2000)

War after war. After Kosovo, Timor. After Timor, Chechnya. Each competes to surpas Timor. After Timor, Chechnya. Each competes to surpass the others in horror and bloodshed. The conflict between the Russian army and the Chechen militia is bloody, and tragic for the Chechen population: "The latest Chechen tally is 15,000 dead; 38,000 injured; 220,000 refugees; 124 villages completely destroyed; and a further 280 villages with 80% damage. They say that 14,500 children have been maimed and 20,000 of them orphaned" (The Guardian , 20/12/99).

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